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Sorry, 10" speakers in a PR again : )
  • I am sort of set on Celestion this time, Jim likes the V10 last I heard, I wonder if he or you all may have thoughts on the other Cele 10's, thanks
  • I use a Celestion G10 Vintage per Jim’s recommendation in my Princeton Reverb. I like them better than the stock speaker. I usually have the volume on 10 and I did recently blow a G10 after about two years. They’re not too expensive so not a huge problem.
  • The Jensen C10N is the best sounding to me. Tracking down a vintage example is going to be expensive. They also sound great in Vibrolux Reverbs. Weber builds a great Copy of the old Jensen. Fender used a few different speakers as stock in there BF amps within the same model. I doubt very much that anyone would complain about a C10N however most came with crappy sounding oxfords.
  • I loved the Cele greenback 10 in my PR, but I wasn't playing the amp on 10; the GB sounds great but doesn't have as much headroom as others. I have also heard and loved the 10" Gold, and if I were buying a 10" speaker for another PR, the Gold is likely what I would buy...

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