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Bill Jennings Big Boy Lesson; composed or improvised?
  • This lesson is fantastic and extremely challenging! The solo is brilliant, In my humble opinion Jennings most likely worked out the solo prior to recording. The complexity and variance of the solo is unlike anything I have worked on. I don’t get the same perception when working on tunes by Charlie Christian or Wes Montgomery. What do those of you that have worked through this solo think?
  • Most, if not all of Bill Jennings recorded work sounds this good. I think it's improvised maybe with a few licks to hang his hat on. My opinion, for what it's worth...
    Thank you for ordering the lesson and for your comment. This reminds me of Jimmie Rivers "Jimmies Blues" of which I was certain was a "worked out" solo. When I met him I asked if it was worked out - Jimmies reply was "No! We were drunk!" ha ha - Jim
  • Thanks for the response Jim! Anybody want to buy some guitars, I’m taking up knitting.

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