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Checking in
  • Some of you might have noticed I have been concentrating on my “Patreon” but I am writing to let you know- I haven’t forgotten about full downloadable lessons. I’m getting better at video and I have a smart young friend coming over next week to teach me to edit in an alternate program. Obviously, I need to get a better at recording sound and video- thank you for your patience! In the next couple months I’ll hopefully have a new hour long video. Again, I am very grateful for the interest.

    At first I resisted doing the Patreon thing because I don’t want anything resembling charity. My conclusion was to put something up once a week and do 4 to 5 short videos a month for a minimum of 5 bucks. That is a deal, at least in my mind, and it gives me financial justification to spend time doing it. I’ve only had one complaint and of course, I took it with a grain of salt.

    Now - this Forum. We can’t post images and that’s a real minus. The “alerts” don’t function and I’ve been trying to get the border photos changed for over two years before my web guy quit. Why the wrinkles? It is a VERY clunky program way beyond my computer skills and I’m debating on paying someone to fix it, or to completely change it. Changing it would probably require everyone signing up again... ugh!

    Give me some time to figure out how to make this forum function properly, and what to do with it - and meanwhile, whether you order my lessons, or buy my music etc - that doesn’t matter - feel welcome here. This forum is about Lessons By Mail and … guitars, amps, movies, sports etc..

    Have fun and have a great day - Jim
  • Jim,

    Thanks for the update and please know that more than a few of us here understand the challenges of having to "do it all" and survive in the business you work in. I think the Patreon thing is a total bargain and really fun to receive. I feel it's a privilege to have educational access to an artist with your talent...and your place looks like a showroom for Princeton amps...cool!
  • As a small business owner myself (I'm an owner-operator, a "one-man-band" as it were), I can totally relate.

    Just keep doing what you do, it's always nice knowing this little community is here. I check in every day. And while new software might require everyone to sign-up again, there are bigger disasters in life...

    FWIW, I dig this "clunky" little forum software, it's unique, just like you & your music!
  • Jim,

    I agree with Danny54, 5 bucks for you on Patreon IS a bargain. As for the learning curve on technology, I'm guessing that many of us on. this forum can truly relate to the obstacles of getting stuck on tech.

    Your efforts are very much appreciated.
  • Just to sing along with the chorus - I love the LBMs and look forward to more, but hey...I've only purchased 36 out of 100+ lessons, so there is still plenty more to learn from and have fun with. I'm also a big fan of your new Patreon activity - it's fun, frequent, informative and affordable and the short format allows for a different type of educational experience. As far as keeping up with technology, there are a lot of fancy pants guitar learning platforms and forums out there...but I have enjoyed and learned so much more from you and this forum...for me, it's the content that matters. Thanks for the care and concern that you put into everything you do.

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