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Air travel with your guitar.
  • I think this is a good place to ask this question: How exactly can you take your gig-bagged, electric guitar on board a plane with you? Do you put it the overhead? Keep it with you? Put it in the closet up by the cockpit? I often see players w/their guitars on their backs at the airport...and I always feel stupid about WHY I didn't bring mine along? I remember Jim mentioning some type of horror-tale about traveling with his '59 over in Finland and was wondering how he navigated this scenario? I certainly don't have any gigs that I'd ever have to fly to...but I still want to fly with my guitar.
  • It's a crapshoot but for carry on - in a overhead - I book a seat that boards first, not at the economy seats at the front of the aircraft. If the overheads are too small etc, ask the flight attendant if you can put it the storage closet. I use a gig bag, but again, it's Russian roulette.

    Or gate check in travel hard case. Gate check is supposedly more careful.

    I brought my 59 in a gig bag all over the world, but overheads are getting smaller and some airlines tougher. Cathay Pacific is really strict, so I brought my Hahn Model C in a hard case, to Vancouver last weekend. It was fine.

    Delta is fairly lenient.

  • Thanks Jim!

    I figured it was a crap-shoot. I hope the Vancouver gigs were fun for you guys!
  • If it's a bolt on guitar, you can unscrew the neck and pad the parts well with clothing and put them secure in your checked bag. Last time I flew I did that with a strat and avoided the anxiety of the gate check situation. Of course, I do not own any vintage guitar!

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