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30 Albums Every Guitarist Should Own!
  • Wanted to call out that Orange is featured in Guitar World this month. I'm including a photo here with the write-up. Some other great albums mentioned, too, and not the usual suspects - Hank Garland, Jimmie Rivers, etc. Was excited to see this, and thought I'd share.

    IMG_3859.JPG 79K
  • Thank you for the scan, I'll keep that for my records. It was an honor to be included ... and I had no idea Guitar World included us - unless it's "Guitarist UK" ...
  • I had to double-check, but it's in the Feb. issue of Guitar World.

    I couldn't find it on the Guitar World online site, but the same article appears to be in Music Radar (link below), and the article is attributed to Guitarist.

    It's an awesome album - I can't imagine it not being included - and I really like this list, too. Some stuff I'm really excited to check out.


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