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Photos of the Hahn "Model C" Campilongo Telecaster
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  • Looks nice. If I was looking to buy a Tele I’d definitely consider one of these.

  • Looks amazing. I plan on getting one.
  • I see this has a standard bridge plate...I believe Jim uses a modified "flat" bridge w/o the ridges on his '59 and on the Fender Sig model. Will this be the bridge on the Hahn Campilongo model?
  • Stunning! And much more affordable than I expected!
  • I have played a handful of Hahn tele's and got to spend a few hours chumming it up at his NAMM booth in 2015 and I can say that all his guitars are really really killer. Def on par with my 50's tele and without the bananas price tag.

    This is a real treat for fans of Jim. And there are no other guitars with lacquer finish and these "stats" for 1495. Get it while the gettin' is good!

  • Oh man! That's a really beautiful Tele. I love the specs, particularly the 7.25-9.5" compound radius neck. And here I was trying to thin the herd...
  • I posted this on the TDPRI ... thought it might go here too ...

    Gentlemen - Look, I'm not here to sell you stuff or convince you to buy anything- but I thought I'd pipe in and at least post some photos and answer some questions.

    I love the Model C and we achieved everything we hoped for -I think we got it. We were committed to making a "boutique" Hahn as affordable as we possibly could, Chihoe is the man. All questions should go to Chihoe.

    The Model C story...

    Questions I know ..

    Does it sound like my "59?
    No, we didn't go for that - but it's a great sounding dark Tele -and it has a nice scream too. Rob Banta designed the pick ups. At this point, the pick ups are not sold separately.

    Does it come in Lefty?

    Is it a Top Loader?
    It has both string through and a top loading option. I've been top loading.

    Does it come in custom colors?
    No, for now we are keeping everything simple to keep costs down -hence the name "Model C".

    Is there a waiting list? How long will it take to arrive?
    Chihoe can answer that question best but I know he's making a couple a month - I'd guess and say 3 to 4 months? But again, that's a guess.

    Do I play it on my "Live Record"
    No -it wasn't finished in time. But I've been playing it exclusively and I'm really hoping it can rip my '59 out my hands. I just went to Finland with my '59 (in a cheap-ass gig bag) and was terrorized by a flight attendant who was trying to keep me from bringing the '59 on board. It all worked out but it's always a stressful adventure.

    How does it compare to the Fender JC Signature?
    It's a totally different animal but both had similar sound ambitions. Dark, not glassy.

    Again - I walk a fine line between salesman and information source and I don't want to corrupt the good ol' TDPRI by aggressively selling things I'm invested in. That said- It was a thrill to be singled out here on the TDPRI. I thank the OP and all you guys for your interest.

    Thanks again -and have a great holiday and 2018! - Jim

    Press release from Chihoe...It's a wonderful guitar with a pine body and one piece maple neck, medium c, 7 1-4 to 9 1/2" compound radius and medium jumbo frets. It's finished in 100% nitro lacquer, and has all our best hardware, including a cold rolled steel bridge )precision mulled, not stamped), compensated brass saddles, stainless ferrules and .10" thick stainless neck plate. It has a bone nut, Gotoh/Kluson tuners, CRL switch, 250k CTS pots, vintage cloth push back wire and our hand wound pickups. With gig bag and free shipping in the US it's $1495. For more info, email is chihoe@hahnguitars.com and phone is 845-269-8275
  • Say Jim, do you have any photos of the Model C you've been playing?
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  • Maggie- This was a Facebook post from our 55 Bar gig last night. Hopefully you can hear the Hahn guitar - middle position, I think- it's short ...
  • Nice! Sounds and looks great, Jim.

    Oh, and I'm digging your look, too.
  • Looks and sounds Good, very very good ;-)

    (Netherlands , Europe)

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