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Pedal on Heavy?
  • I'm massively into Heavy at the moment-every song is a belter and don't even get me started on how beautiful Tiramisu is.

    Anyway I was just wondering does anyone know what the main overdive pedal Jim is using(when he's not going straight into his amp obviously)?

    I'm guessing it's his Klon but anyone know for sure?
  • I am sure Jim will chime in at some point, but I remember reading elsewhere that "Heavy" was recorded on a Vibrolux and a Deluxe Reverb. On a personal note, as much as I love Princetons, the 59' into a Deluxe Reverb is my favorite "Jim's tone" ever - studio or live.

    I believe the Klon Centaur was used only on "Loose".

  • Thanks for the reply-I really appreciate it. I guess we can rule out the Klon but to me on the heavier tracks it sounds like he's got a pedal on there but maybe it's just one of those bigger amps on ten?

    Just out of interest,can you give me a song example of one of your favourites recorded with a Deluxe please?
  • Well, this one always blows me away:

    I will admit that I may be a bit biased here, since I own one - lol - but I guess it has something to do with the range of dynamics of a Deluxe Reverb. But, of course, in the end it's Jim's talent and sensibility what makes all the difference - not gear.
  • Maybe, the DR cut through the mix better? better headroom, etc. I've never been a fan of cranked PR's sound, but Jim is the only exception. I have no idea how he manage to do that especially the bass on 10!!!
  • "I've never been a fan of cranked PR's sound, but Jim is the only exception."

    +100 !!!
  • Thanks for the video! Fantastic tone.

    "I've never been a fan of cranked PR's sound, but Jim is the only exception."

    So i'm not the only one who bought a Princeton,put the treble on 7,the bass on 10 and then was like "what the......" lol

    My Princeton has been modded now-it's got a 12" speaker amongst other things.

  • HA! No you're not the only one!!! It seems there are 3 "secrets":

    1) a REALLY well-broken-in speaker (that C10R doesn't hold together... Jim uses either Celestions or reconed vintage C10Ns)

    2) Amp biased VERY hot- info on Jim's website.

    3) Guitar volume knob- Put everything on 10 (treble on 6-7), then turn your guitar up to whatever level of "clean" you want... even if going for drive sounds, you probably won't need the guitar on 10.

    Hey Jim- how often is your guitar on 10? Backburner maybe?

    Next PR I get, I'm putting in a Celestion first thing.... I did all kinds of mods to mine, but in the end, a different speaker and hot bias will get you there. Learning how to "play the amp" with the guitar's vol 7 tone controls is the last piece of the puzzle.
  • "So i'm not the only one who bought a Princeton,put the treble on 7,the bass on 10 and then was like "what the......" lol"

    Hahaha, everyone here seems to have experienced this!
  • ruger9
    Does the biasing hot improve the low-end muddiness at high volume? I'm not brave enough to try "at least 30ma" thing.
  • Biasing hot makes the amp warmer and more responsive. It's the speaker that's causing most of the problems with the low end flubbiness. A Celestion G10 Vintage would sort that, or a C10N... Jenson doesn't make the C10N anymore, but Weber makes a copy. the stock C10R simply can't handle the low frequencies at any reasonable volume.
  • OK, now I feel that the combination of a robust speaker and hot biasing (warmness) would be the key to Jim's sound. I've always felt that single 10" speaker is too tight, and very uncomfortable to play, so I swapped it to a 12" as many others. I'm satisfied the result, but then I've kinda started to feel guilty about it because it's the Leo's original design, Princeton with a 10". Maybe someday I should try some good 10"s with biasing hot and see the result.
  • Alot of people do 12" in a PR. Nothing wrong with that. Guthrie Trapp has done it for years. Awesome tone, awesome player. But I have read that some 10" speakers "sound like 12s", the Celestion Gold being one.
  • Man, the gold sure looks great and i wanted to try it, but the price is just WOW! you know, haha.
    By the way, have you ever tried the G-10 vintage? Is it true that it's 10" version of the Vintage 30?
  • I have not tried the G10 Vintage, but next PR I own, I will be trying it. I agree on the Gold- I'd love to try it, but it's $$$. Maybe if I found one used... (there is one version of the PR that comes with a Gold... the "sunburst" version I think.)
  • Cool. Please let us know your impression on the G10 Vintage when you try it.
  • I use the g10v ,overall a great upgrade to the flubby stock speaker. Sounds more british than american . In fact it sounded beano when paired with NOS brimar tubes. I swapped the tubes back to stock ones.
  • Yes, I would thing the G10 Vintage, being British, would provide a bump in the mids...

    When I had my PRRI, I did the "mid mod" to it (temporarily), and I REALLY liked the amp with more mids, made it sound a little bigger and smoother. Clean tones did not suffer. That's when I knew on my next PR I would likely swap the speaker for one with a little more mids... G10 Vintage, or if I can swing it, the G10 Gold, which I think sounds fantastic in this amp.
  • How do people feel about the G10s (Vintage or Gold) compared with any of the Weber 10"s?
  • My guitar is on "10" frequently, but touch has a lot to do with the sound.

    I've never seen that video - thanks for posting. Stephan Crump and Tony Mason sound great. By the way, that's a Campilongo Signature through a Fender Deluxe Reverb- Stock.
  • I put Weber's version of the Jensen C10N in mine- briefly. I liked it ALOT more than the C10R (stock speaker), but much preferred the added mids of a 10" Greenback. The GB was my favorite speaker in the PR, when I owned one (but I never did get to try the Gold)
  • I have played Deluxe Reverbs for years now (after down-sizing from Twins and Supers over the years). I use a lot of bass and find the 12 inch speaker able to handle a wider spectrum of sound. Never have gotten to “10” on volume though. Recently picked up a Fender Super Champ X2 for a “plug in and play” kind of practice amp. Unfortunately, the 10-inch speaker reconfirmed why I stayed with 12-inch speakers. Lots of “flubbing” of the lower notes with that amp/speaker combination. However, I only recently “discovered” (to my great delight!) Mr. Campilongo and found it interesting his fondness for the Princeton Reverb. Ah, but that 10-inch Speaker dilemma! So I just picked up a Fender Princeton Reverb Limited Edition FSR ‘65 Reissue with a 12-inch speaker (Navy Blue Tolex). Wow was I delighted with the sound coming from that Princeton. Handles the lower end quite nicely and still gives a very warm, sweet sound. It only has about 15 hours on it so will be interested in any improvement in sound quality when I hit 100 hours or so.
    One more thing - I’m new to the forum and to Jim Campilongo, so can anyone suggest a CD that would be a good starting point (and maybe some easy numbers to learn)? Thanks!

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