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Sweet dreams from princeton advert
  • Hey Jim,

    so I want to play your version of sweet dreams from "All Hat No Cattle". In the middle section where the chord arpeggios are played alongside the pedal steel , I did like to put the solo you played on the Princeton advert in (I'm transcribing the whole beautiful solo). But it sounds disjointed from the last few notes before the arpeggios kick in. Any idea why this is so.


    this explains the disjoint.
  • Broadcaster- that's great buddy!
  • I wonder how many Princetons Jim has "sold" with that video? Certainly mine! LOL
  • This video was the reason why I bought my Princeton too
  • Can everyone see the video of me showing the transition?
  • Same here. I bought mine because of the PRRI video. That Jim Campilongo is one hell of a salesman. ;)
  • Same here
  • Never got a chance to buy a PRRI, but this video is the reason I bought "Heaven is Creepy" and turned me into a fan. :-)
  • It is done .
    I played sweet dreams just like all hat no cattle and injected the advert solo into the mid section before continuing the outro with those lovely ADG string triad bends.

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