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Sandy...Hope everyone is ok
  • To all the east coast members, wishing everyone well. Hope everyone is out of harms way!

    Take care!
  • Thank you Aaron... I was lucky and the damage was minimal in my neighborhood.
    It was quite a storm. Trees rocking, parking signs bending achingly, with debris rolling down the streets like tumbleweed.
    The lights flickered numerous times threatening to go out, but never did blackout. My internet went out and although I felt disconnected from information, it really wasn't a bad thing. The sole media directive was to stay indoors, so if ignorance wasn't bliss, it was at least easier. Most the news and images were scaring me anyway.
    Anyway, some folks had it much worse and I wish them all the best.

  • Glad to hear that you are OK. This is certainly good news, but it sure is so hard for so many right now. Here in North Carolina the 3 day pounding of super high tides and flooding took a toll on my commercial fisherman friends on the Outer Banks.

    May the muscle and good will of friends and neighbors help rebuild - and may they be sustained by some good music along the way!
  • Wishing everyone the best in the aftermath of this storm! My neighborhood in the E Village of Manhattan is STILL without power - no hot water, no internet, no cell service etc. Its pretty interesting to live by candlelight and to be cut off from social media for this long. A lot of good conversations going on and doing our best to make the most of the situation. Sending prayers to the rest of the Tri State area and especially to those who have lost their homes.

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