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  • Hi Jim,

    Very much looking forward to Sergio vs the Moth, Botro the Robot, Bustin' Up, Pingpong, and Splitsville (especially Sergio vs the Moth). Anyone else???


  • Thanks for the input Frankie- It looks like Botro has the lead.
  • Dear Jim
    I do really like your versions of "cry me a river" (instrumental & vocal). It would be great to offer, particularly, the instrumental version (in contrast to the also great version of Barney Kessel).

    Also, "cock and bull..." Would be a great one as lesson.

    I support also all requests re " good-bye pork pie hat" although I do not even know your version but I am sure it will great.
  • Thank you HJB for your gracious email and request. I have a version on "Goodbye Porkpie..." that's based on the McLaughlin version and it's a tune I've always wanted to play. But the Jeff Beck version looms over me (and everyone, I think!)- like an actor trying to play Stanley Kowalski after Brando- if you know what I mean. But I love the song and I appreciate the requests. I'll see what I can work up...

    Have a great day- Jim
  • Hey Jim,

    How about a Roy Lanham tune? Im sure there is one that you like, maybe Lanham Boogie, Kerry Dance, or Lost Weekend? Thanks for taking suggestions!

  • Thank you Mitch!
  • Hey Jim,

    I am doing your Roly Poly lesson at the moment and at the end of the last solo's instructions you mention that all of the solos were improvised and you point out one lick that could be included in a "formal" lesson. I think a good idea for a lesson would be a Western Swing Lead Concepts lesson with some useful phrases and licks as the one mentioned and an explanation of your concepts of western swing soloing all in the context of a standard western swing tune. What do you think?

  • Ralph- I think it's a great idea. Thank you!

  • Any chance of a Sergio vs the Moth lesson in the foreseeable future Jim?
  • Or Pingpong or Bustin' Up or Splitsville...

  • Thank you Frankentele!
  • Hi everybody! My suggestions

    1. Menace
    2. Cock and Bull story
    3. ii V I ideas
    4. Lola, My baby´s coming home

  • Some great suggestions, Juan. Especially "Menace", which I think is a GREAT song! I´ve always loved the B section and how it somehow reminds of a "chorinho"...:-)

    I would also love to see a whole lesson expading the topic on the concept of keeping a constant note on chord progressions, as covered in the Voice Leading lesson, maybe with some practical examples using jazz standards.

  • Menace would be a good lesson -thank you!
  • and I love "Lola..." Thank you!

    1. Menace
    2. Cock and Bull story
    3. ii V I ideas
    4. Lola, My baby´s coming home
  • in a sentimental mood...there is this version on youtube recorded by your mum and I really like the melancholy feel of it. I remember playing through one of the scales in the arppegio lesson and It sounded just like the song.
  • Thanks broadcaster - Ive been wanting to do that...
  • Yes please do in a sentimental mood. It's one of my favorite songs and your version is what got me hooked!
  • Gentlemen - I really appreciate your suggestions - I'm humbled and grateful for your lesson requests.

    So, I just finished up a Country Swing Guitar lesson. It should be available in about two weeks. Below is the synopsis that will be on the website lessons page.

    Thanks again and keep the suggestions coming- it helps.

    This lesson features a full form of a Billy Grammer style chord melody that gives the guitarist an overview of triad application that can be used in any song and every genre. We then cover a full form of a HOT SWINGING LEAD that is is in the style of Eldon Shamblin, Les Paul, Jimmie Rivers and Django. The rhythm guitar is also covered that is in the style of Freddie Green that is legitimately Country Swing rhythm guitar. It’s over an hour of instruction demonstrated for understanding and development in the context of Bob Wills much loved classic tune.
  • Great news, Jim!
    You had me at "Billy Grammer"...!
    Sounds like a great lesson! Looking forward to ordering this one!
  • Hi Jim, I'd like to put in a request for Dream Dictionary.

    I notice it is never the same twice (i.e. album version, you tube version, solo version etc.) and I'm intrigued to know the chords and melody that you base your varying excursions upon.

    Do you ever do lead sheets for your tunes?

    It would also be interesting to get a little insight into some of the approaches you use to improvise around it, even though I'd probably want to have a go at making my own version.

    I really love this tune!!

    Hope you can find some time to have a go at this.

    Many thanks.
  • Tennessee Stud
    It's Not You, It's Me
    Jim's Guitar Boogie
    Route 66 (Kenny Vaughan does an amazing cover: https://youtu.be/xThIS381lcw)
  • I would love to learn your version of "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear" for Christmas. Thanks!
  • Thanks Blue Cajun!
  • I still want to learn Dream Dictionary, wink!
  • Dream Dictionary - noted!

    I take all these lesson suggestions to heart and I appreciate the insights... I have a new lesson coming up (it's a mouthful)

    "Formatting and organizing your practice Itinerary -Warm-up Scales -Chord Melody, Arpeggios and having creative fun!"

    I will have another soon and again, thank you for the suggestions!
  • One that I've been trying to figure out by ear (with some success) has been Merle's Swingin' Doors. The two versions I'm listening to are the studio cut and Live from Muskogee. They play it a little differently on the live version. Pedal steel licks are kicking my butt and I don't think I have the timing quite figured out...

    Would love to see Jim do a lesson on this.
  • That's a good one too - and it would be a pleasure. Thank you p-lawls!
  • "Formatting and organizing your practice Itinerary -Warm-up Scales -Chord Melody, Arpeggios and having creative fun!"

    The title alone sounds like fun - can't wait!

    ps: please count one more vote for Dream Dictionary! :)
  • Howdy Jim,
    How about Harlem Nocturne? Awesome song with a great history.
  • Finally George Barnes is on Spotify. Perhaps Hot Guitar Rag would be a good lesson? Anyway, here is the newly posted album, which is a masterpiece.

  • Lolanose - I think that's a great choice. I love the 1:00 mark especially - George was amazing! Thanks for the suggestion and have a great day- Jim
  • They say he may be the first muscian who was recorded playing electric guitar, Charlie Christian notwithstanding.


    Here is another great track called Ana


    Avalanches sampled that for their masterpiece Frontier Psychiatrist


    Anyway, not to hijack this thread, but my point is George Barnes is awesome and even the kids like him!

    If you did a lesson we'd learn a lot.

  • I'd like to request Because You Like Trombone. The version on "Heaven is Creepy" is one of my favorite songs.
  • Hi Jim,

    My wife and I caught your show at Yoshi's last night, and what a pleasure! I was blown away by your use of harmonics and the variety of ways you pull them off: chord slaps, cascades, bends, pinch/false harmonics... I would love to see a lesson dedicated to your approach, drills, favorite licks, chord voicings incorporating harmonics, etc. Maybe something in the style of "Steel Guitar Licks & Beyond"?


  • Neal - Thank you for coming to the show - I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

    I would love to come up with a lesson like that -I wrote it down and thank you...

  • Still would love to see Sergio vs the Moth, Pingpong, Bustin' Up, and Splitsville lessons...
  • I would love Nelli Bly.
  • Thank you so much!
  • I am waiting for the Lesson and wonderfull song "Little Song" from the album Last night this morning .

    The Netherlands - Europe Zoetermeer
  • That would be a fun one ... Thank you!
  • Hi Jim,

    I was listening to the "No Guitar is Safe" podcast you did. It is great, very fun and full with excelent music. The version you play of Minute Waltz is awsome, I would love to see a lesson dedicated to your approach, chords, licks.
    Thank you!
  • Thank you Santiago!
  • Me too. I’ve dropped that hint before; ever since Jim played it at Yoshi’s a couple years ago. Alas he’s a busy man. The ten minute Minute Waltz.
  • I am WAY overdue for a full fledged lesson and I really appreciate the requests. - Thank you! -Jim
  • I was encouraged when you mentioned on your Patreon site that you needed to go back and re-learn a few pieces for a solo gig. Your own compositions:) I thought "If Jim Campilongo can forget stuff he wrote...then maybe it's ok that I forgot a lesson (or 10) from a while back." I went back to the "Little Bit of Blues" lesson after a year or so and I fell apart...especially on the 10th fret turn-a-rounds. But my goal is to perform this in public at some point without embarrassing myself. On the Patreon site...it would be interesting for us to learn how you prepare and present a solo show. Looking forward to a new lesson offering...like Minute Waltz!
  • The past is looking brighter and brighter
    Netherlands Europe
  • I tI love this request... it is a lesson!


    The Past Is Looking Brighter and Brighter (Note for Note)
    SAMPLE CLIP http://youtu.be/36wkoSvHBtQ
    A "Note for Note" presentation of the popular track from "Dream Dictionary". Includes the melodic solo transcription, chromatic bending, behind the nut bends, classic rock riffing, and the Bach-like use of simple bass movement to create memorable progressions. Over an hour of fun quality instruction!
  • And I apologize for the lack of new content... Patreon has been keeping me busy, among other things .... But I will get some new long form lessons up soon, and appreciate your interest & requests. Thank you!

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