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  • Hi Jim,
    I was just browsing the lesson section, and am quite disappointed not to find "Mozart Woulda Played A Tele". Is this a song you plan on transcribing at some point, and would you care to give any insight into what you might put together for 2014?

    Thanks for reading. I can't wait to get a hold of "Dream Dictionary".

    PS: "Heavy" is a masterpiece! Transcribe it all! ;)

  • Hi Nerd-
    Glad you like "Heavy" and "Mozart...".
    Usually I wait for more then one request and I try to wait for "popular demand". But I have some free time right now, I'll see what I can do- and thanks so much for asking. I really appreciate your interest.
    Happy Holidays!
  • Hi there....... 100% agree, Heavy is a masterpiece!

    What about a acoustic lesson? Maybe "Suppose"?

    Saludos y feliz año nuevo!
    Juan Ignacio González
  • Huckleberry would be a good one
  • Thanks for the reply, Jim. Happy Holidays to you as well!

    As far as Campy tunes go, I'd love to see "Mozart.." "Bustin' Up", "Menace", and "Billy's Bird". "Mozart..." is by far my number 1, though.

    I hope everyone is having a great holiday, and finding time for practicing!
  • Thanks guys- I'll be getting to work on these as soon as possible.
  • I'm still hoping for a Little Willies lesson of some type. I expect most of us that play out are playing behind a singer. I learn a lot from the instrumentals, but tastefully backing up a singer is it's own art and Jim does it very well.
  • Please do not forget "Bought Some Swampland in Florida" from American Hips!
  • I just finished "Suppose" and the Right Hand Man should have it up for download in a day or two. I'll try to get to some of these other requests too.

    Thanks for the suggestions. All the best- Jim

  • Thanks Jim!!!!!
  • Thanks, Jim. Happy New Year to you!
  • I just finished transcribing "I Gotta Get Drunk" by the Willies and the Right Hand Man should have it up for download in a day or two.

    Happy New Year!
  • Couldn't resist, purchased both. Do I ever need the taught slowly part! Thank you Jim.
  • Thanks Jim! I've been wanting a Little Willies lesson for a while, and this will be a great one. I need to recover a bit from Christmas spending but I'll be buying this lesson soon.
  • If you're going to continue including Little Willies songs, may I recommend "Fist City" as a lesson? Love the solo, and tasty rhythm section!
  • Yes! "Fist City" would make a good lesson. Most things are cancelled because of the snowstorm, I'll see if I can get to it.
    Thanks for asking and I appreciate the interest.
    All the best- Jim
  • Thank you very much for the "I Gotta Get Drunk" lesson which I had always hoped for!
    Your version(s) of "Folsom Prison Blues" would be a great lesson, sure enough. Just a suggestion.
  • Your studio version of "Folsom" is fantastic as are your live versions ...
  • I agree, "Folsom Prison Blues" would make a great lesson!
  • Thanks Jim for "Suppose"......... this weekend I gona work in it!!

  • + 1 for "Folson..." and +++1 for "Fist City". In my mind, at least, it sounds like there's lots of applicable things to learn, and apply. Plus the song is just a great one. The live version on YouTube from Austin is killer, too. Thanks for all the hard work you're putting in, Jim!
  • Mabye "Nellie Bly" Lesson?................it is one of my all time favourite Campy song!

  • I must second Swampland.
  • Definitely +1 for "Folsom"
  • Thank you guys- I think about these requests every day.
  • By the way - for whoever is interested "Michelle" is now back for download...

    Michelle Note for Note from American Hips - A moody interpretation of the Beatles classic that employs open string licks, harmonics, sixths, thirds and other motifs to create melodic ambience. Insights into using partial chords and essential chord tones to establish harmony instead of well worn popular guitar grips. Fun and easy!
  • I'd like to see a "Pie Party" lesson -- the only place I've ever heard it was at an SF show a year or so back, but it made an impression. Glad I'll have it on CD in a few days.

    Oops...I should have seen that it was already available. Sorry about that.
  • By the way, nice one on the "Michelle" lesson, Jim. I've loved your take on it for years.
  • Thank you gentlemen!

  • Jim, any chance of a Goodbye Pork Pie Hat lesson? It sounded beautiful when you played it on the Compared To What podcast.
  • Thanks Adam -Actually, I'd love to Goodbye Pork Pie Hat as a lesson! Thanks for asking...
  • I want that lesson!
  • How about a cock and bull lesson. Love that tune!
  • Pork Pie !!
    I'm in ;-)
  • Just throwing out a couple of additional lesson suggestions for two of my favorites:
    "Blues for Roy"
    "Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves"
  • Please do not forget "Bought Some Swampland in Florida" from American Hips!
  • Thanks so much you guys - I just finished this "Truck Drivin' Guitar" too. We should have both new lessons ready for download this week... and again, I really really appreciate the suggestions!

    This installment features the guitar mastery of Truck Guitar virtuoso Gene Moles. Note for Note transcriptions from the Red Simpson catalog “Truck Drivin' Man”, “The Highway Patrol” and “Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves”. Three of Gene Moles great solos are covered in depth - and each are explained slowly with manageable recaps to play along with… before putting in 4th gear! Luther Perkins style rhythms are explained as well as Gene’s doubling up rhythm style that drives and puts a “Truckdriver” imprint on each track. Great, essential Country guitar stylings!

    A Note for Note transcription from the hit track on the Little Willies debut record. Triple stops, country swing essentials, swing guitar lines. pedal steel voicings, Les Paul-isms and more. This lesson includes an overview of country swing rhythm guitar. A super fun lesson that can be applied in the context of a thousand other songs.
  • Awesome, Jim. Still longing for a "Mozart.." lesson, though. I'm sure others would be into it, no?
  • Fantastic, Jim! The Gene Moles/Red Simpson lesson is a nice surprise! Thanks for taking the time to do this.
  • Thanks for these two lessons. Both are on my list now! More Western Swing would be great.
  • Cool! Thanks, Jim. I'm really looking forward to the Truck Drivin' lesson.
  • ha ha ha! Mozart is a really tough one- but I'll keep it in mind ...

    By the way, I saw a request for this...

    Pie Party SAMPLE CLIP www.youtube.com/watch?v=uftyuaxHtcc

    Note for Note transcription from Dream Dictionary. Les Paul meets Chet Atkins in this little tour de force of phrases. Doublestops, harmonics, and triplestops are all melodically played, and explicitly explained.
    Intermediate / Advanced
  • Hi Jim.....
    my suggestions:
    -another acoustic song ("suppose" is a great and fun lesson)
    -Cock and Bull story!!!!!
    JIG (Juan)
  • JIG- Good news -"Suppose" is offered and up on the lessons site. Honestly, I had to check myself - it's easy to let one slip by.

    Suppose SAMPLE CLIP http://youtu.be/Vh-i8KUV68k Easy Download (scroll down) http://jimcampilongo.com/lessons/
    By popular demand! A Note for Note transcription of Jim's solo acoustic debut on "Dream Dictionary". Americana doublestops, arpeggios, pull offs, hammer ons and more are are clearly explained so the student can internalize the song and play it easily. A nice song to add to the repertoire. Intermediate / Advanced

    "Cock and Bull"? That's a crazy one! But thanks for asking my friend. You aren't the first and I really appreciate your inquiry. Have a great day! -Jim
  • I'd be interested in having you teach cause we've ended as lovers and discuss Jeff Beck's style.
  • Hi Jim,

    My suggestion would be "It's Not You, It's Me" from The Little Willies 2006 album.

    Why? Well, I think in that song in particular, you provide a backup to the vocal melody that's a song in itself.

    There's a lot of dynamic shifts, melody concepts, and playing techniques that can be extracted from that lesson that illustrate how to play with a singer in a way that's not just backing, but complimentary and commensurate.

    I think of the song as a duet between voice and guitar, and I think it would be a great lesson. I often listen to the song and find myself tuning out Norah Jones's voice -- now that's saying something about the understated power of your playing on that track!

    My other suggestion would be Pie Party - but it's already out there! Other than that, I would be thrilled for you to explore Blind Lemon Jefferson, Big Bill Broonzy, or someone from that universe of the blues.

    Thanks so much for providing the lessons -- they got be back to playing guitar after a nine year hiatus.

    -LA Martin
  • Hi Jim

    I would love to see a lesson on the art of substituting chords.

    Arpeggios as Exercises, Understanding Progressions and Voice Leading, Panhandle Rag, All Blues and I Got Rhythm Changes are wonderful lessons but they need a ”chord substitution lesson” buddy.

    You could offer them all in a bundle called ”The Jim Campilongo Method of Improvisation” :)
  • Hey Jim,

    How about walking bass lines over chord progressions?

  • These are great suggestions! I really appreciate your input.

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