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Turntables & Stereo Setups
  • Anyone else love vinyl? What is your stereo setup? I'm looking to upgrade mine soon.

    Jim, can you talk about yours? Is that an older Sony turntable you have? And whats the pillow you have under it for?
  • Dual CS 5000 turntable with a DJ pillow to stabilize it.
    McIntosh C26 Pre-Amp
    Dynaco Dynakit Stereo 70 Tube Amplifier
    Klipsch Heresy walnut speakers
  • I'll jump in here to keep this good thread going...

    Dual 1229
    Dynakit: ST-70 amp, PAS 3 preamp, FM-1 Tuner
    Acoustic Research AR 5 speakers

    And an orange vinyl record.
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  • that things beautiful
  • Pro-Ject Debut III
    Yamaha RX-V2092 receiver
    Phase speakers
  • Awesome rig. I am planning on buying a second hand Lenco L75.
  • I'm heading to a used record shop in a bit. They're having a sale on their used turntables. Hopefully something good will be there!
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  • Brian - Thanks so much for the post. Those Bazok B-310's look like beasts!
  • BrianSSF, wouldn't a Sonos be much simpler??? :)

    It's unfortunately a rare thing these days to see LARGE speakers in someone's home. I dig it. And you have to respect a power amp that needs handles on it!

    I'm just imagining what Blues For Roy sounds like through that system.
  • USMercury, the Mac MC 2300 amps weigh 128 lbs each. This model was the personal favorite of Jerry Garcia. The Concert Grands weigh 225 lbs each. They were personal favorites of Jack Webb.

    I figure a set-up endorsed by both Dragnet and the Dead can’t be all bad.

    The system sounds great at low volume, but it really comes alive when turned up. Blues for Roy cranked loud sounds like Thor lumbering by for a nighttime stroll.
  • Does anybody use a Lenco L-75?
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  • purdy!
    love the Dyna Kit too!
  • Speaking of Dyna's...

    I'm sure some folks could think of better things to put on a fireplace mantle but I don't know, there's a lot of feng shui going on here.
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  • Whoops, didn't mean to post it 4 times but what the hell, it's a cool album!
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  • thanks jim,

    apparently they are a bit hit and miss. i have done some minor maintenance on it and spent a good couple of hours getting the needle set up correctly and it sounds really nice. i think they need a lot of love though! but it is kinda nice to have something that you can work on yourself, these old players are more like clocks than modern stereos!

  • I'm sorry to revive this old discussion, but i am looking into old 78 rpm records lately. Is there somebody on this forum into that?
    The only thing pitty about 78's is the different stylus for your turntable. Otherwise there a lot of interesting records to be found.
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