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Jim Campilongo Tributes

  • the quality is..... low. most licks were stolen from jim campilongo.
  • that's really great... well done!
  • your a great inspiration!
  • I must be! I like your version more then mine!
  • i have only had the looper for a few days and havent quite got the hang of it. i started working on pepper the other day, ill try to post it soon. gotta find a better camera. i just got a new amp and the current camera does not do it justice.
  • That's really good, I like it.......a lot.
  • Wow, this sounds great! Nice feel and really good touch. Very tasteful. Keep up the great work.

  • the ultimate tribute!
  • this ones not as blatant of a rip off of jim, but still a lot of influence i hope! 3:05 is all jim. also ive posted a few new videos on my youtube channel if anyone wants to check them out

  • here's a little snippet, we had just finished playing and the camera was still rolling.
    if it hadn't been for jim's amazing lessons, i'm pretty sure i would have never been able to play that tune...
    i mean i still have a long way to go, but i think im getting there, slowly but steadily :)
  • That's great! Wonderful playing. I would love to hear more.
  • thank you for your kind words mr cwilliams :) i thoroughly enjoyed your clips, thank you for sharing.
  • All these clips are really wonderful and filled with great music. I love it... Thank you
  • In March 2010's Premier Guitar Jim is mentioned in an article about pickup height. A small mini-tribute.
  • Let's just say this was "heavily influenced" -- a friend of the band leader wanted to sing his favorite Elvis song with the band. We'd never actually played it before, but we figured we could wing it. I had just whacked my head on the way from the gig I did right before this, so apparently the part that comes up with my own ideas was temporarily shut down and there was a fair amount of imitation... and the Little Willies version was stuck in my head.

    It's not like a note-for-note ripoff of anything, but I'm sure none of you will have any trouble figuring out who my favorite guitar player is.
  • Nice! Love the tone and the playing even more. Thank you for sharing, made my day!

    I started working on Blue Hen yesterday and gave a shot at it this afternoon. I just got a new apartment and the woman next door is not as enthusiastic about guitar as I am and usually complains, so unfortunately the volume is at conversation level and I hesitate a lot. A few hiccups here and there. A low cal version of a killer 10 gallon cats tune.

    Keep em coming

  • Cwilliams, I love your versions of Strange Meeting and Days of Wine and Roses! I´ve been thinking about getting an audio interface for recording, it would be fun to be able to capture my playing.
  • thanks for watching, im glad you enjoyed it. be sure to share what you record. -Corey
  • This is my little tribute to Jim...from Spain
    I hope you like it...

    Thank you
  • aw man. watched that a few times and... its awesome! great camera work and top notch playing. thanks for sharing.
  • Hi
    This theme is in my first solo album and is a tribute Jim Campilongo´s music. "My Funny Jim".

    I hope you like it. thanks

  • Good song Sergio - I'm very humbled. Keep up the good work ....
  • And C. William's version of Blue Hen is so good it inspired me to re-learn it. Thanks again all!
  • This ain't me, just saw it on youtube today:
  • Attachments
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  • Found this one this morning!!! Another great tribute.

  • Hope y'awl don't mind resurrecting an old thread, but it's where I was pointed when inquiring about sharing music amongst forumites~~

    Here's a couple tunes I wrote and recorded not too long ago for an upcoming album.

    Jim's been an inspiration ever since first hearing him maybe 10 years ago...therefore whether I purposefully "borrow" ;) from him or not, his influence is in the mix.

    Hope you enjoy!

  • I only had a chance to hear the first tune at the moment but it sounds great!!!! Congratulations on such a beautiful recording.

    Keep sharing
  • Thanks cwilliams! I dug your videos too. Nothing beats a Chet style tune for a solo guitar piece!

    And that Sergio Sancho. Awesome!
  • I really dig your playing, cwilliams. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to hear your cover of Pepper. And what's the story behind the fiesta red Tele. That thing is gorgeous.
  • Hi amigos,
    Here is my cover of "Awful Pretty, Pretty Awful"
    JIG (Chile)
    P.D.: did you see google doodle today?

  • Bravo !!
    Sounds Superb, very good, Top!!!

    (Netherlands - Europe)
  • Fantastic job JIG! Really playful and musical!

    Thank you- you made my day.
  • Hi Amigos,
    Here my humble (maybe slow) cover of the great "Pie Party" (100% recomendable lesson)

  • That's fantastic JIG!!! Love the harmonies and your right hand looks really relaxed. Nice work!
  • Hi everyone!!!

    Cover note by note to Jim´s song "Awful pretty, pretty awful"

    Hope you like it!!!

    All the best from Spain

  • These clips are great! Fantastic work!
  • Thank you Jim!!!...it's an honor your words!!
  • That sounds great JIG! Really nice playing, and I like the b&w video too!
  • THAT IS BETTER then I play it! Wow, good wok. Thank you for making my song so lovely.
  • Excellent! Good feel and good swing ... and brother-that's a lot to remember! Thank you for posting jig - I was very touched and impressed.
  • That "Pepper" clip makes me want to play it again. Of all the tunes I've written that's one of my favorites.

    Not an easy tune to play in a trio (the bridge especially) and those guys did a great job.

    Seeing folks cover my tunes, especially tunes I've not played lately, really touches my heart. Thank you Corey for your post!
  • You should do a video of it with the looper! Its my fav song of yours and the little clip in the Fender Princeton ad is not enough! It sounds really good with the looper.
  • Corey- I will. Thank you for asking.

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