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  • Mr. Campilongo has a magic touch for choosing songs to cover. Always unpredictable, his covers come from every musical direction imaginable. Folsom Prison Blues, Cry Me A River, This Old Man, No Fun – the only pattern is that there is no pattern! Yet he puts his own unique stamp on them all to make each one his own.

    Here are few songs I’d love to hear covered in the Campilongo style:

    • Hey Jude
    • Never My Love
    • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (on Almost Christmas Vol. II)
    • September Song
    • Theme from Goldfinger
    • Who Can I Turn To

    ...and many more. What’s on your wish list?
  • Nice topic!! I'd be curious to see what he would do with a number of songs. May I suggest we give band names.....

    -Tears of Rage, The Band
    -Wild World, Cat Stevens
    -Katie Cruel, Karen Dalton
    -Tunnel of Love, Bruce Springsteen
    -Maybe some Tom Waits.....Hang on St. Christopher or Jockey Full of Bourbon

    .....basically this list could be infinite
  • Jockey Full of Bourbon seconded. :)
  • I hope to hear his rendition of Round Midnight at some point.
  • He did a very cool "Third Stone from the Sun" in L.A. last year. It was fun. I'm working on a tele-friendly "Yes It Is" (The Beatles). I'll bet Jim could run that one all the way to the end zone.
  • Would love to hear Jim, Campilongo-ize, Tony Bennett's classic "I Left My Heart In San Francisco."
  • A few more to be Campilongo-ized:

    • Bonanza (tv theme)
    • Danny Boy and/or Tura Lura Lura (on Almost St. Patrick’s Day Vol. I)
    • Something (beatles)
    • The Sound of Music (movie theme)
    • Three Coins in the Fountain (f. sinatra)
    • Wild Horses (r. stones)
  • More for the suggestion box (selfishly all songs I'm working on)

    You Don't Know Me
    Begin the Beguine (I'm working on that now in drop D)
    Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets
    You Put A Spell on Me
    Maria Elena
  • @Floridaskater --? Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets

    !!! I've always loved that song. Nice pick.
  • I'm really loving these suggestions and appreciate the input.
    The most recent tune I covered was "Something Always There to Remind Me". This was at the Living Room - but within the large confines of my great trio - I missed keyboards and full-bodied chord voicings.
    I will try some of these suggestions when the Willies smoke clears a bit... thank you!
  • I recently came across this one. Pure, distilled awesomeness :

  • I know it's a standard, but a Campy-ized St. James Infirmary would be awesome...
  • +1 for "Yes It Is." One of my all time favorite Beatles tunes.

    John in San Diego
  • I'd love to hear Jim cover "Satin doll" as well as "My Favorite Things". I'd love to hear him do "Misty". Pretty much any Jazz standard, really. He does such interesting things with them.
  • And a few more:

    • Amazing Grace (on Almost Easter Vol. I)
    • Just My Imagination (temptations)
    • My Love (mccartney/wings – campy’s tele-licks better suited than macca’s “wo-wo-wo-wo’s”)
    • Some Enchanted Evening/ Bali Hai/ This Nearly Was Mine (on Almost South Pacific Vol. I)
    • Walk On By (d. warwick)
    • Without You (nilsson/badfinger)

  • "Singing in the Bathtub", written in 1929. Here's a link to The Four Aces version:

    Clean, cheap fun for hard times - like now. Plus it implies intimacy and chicks love that!
  • I would love to hear him cover "The Wind Cries Mary" or "Your Cheatin' Heart."

    One way or another, do keep 'em comin' and thank you.
  • I will plug 'Round Midnight one more time. Jim's approach is unique... Would love a concepts version or even a performance vid of this. Charlie
  • Take Five - Dave Brubeck
    So Lonesome I Could Cry - Hank Williams
  • This Masquerade.
  • Take Five - Dave Brubeck
    So Lonesome I Could Cry - Hank Williams

    I've played these -and I liked them.

    This Masquerade

    I could see that.

    You guys are good!

    Thank you for your creative attention and generosity!

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