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The "must have" accessory
  • Jim, I always feel squeamish seeing your tele leaning up against the Princeton...
    Have you tried one of these?

  • Hi Adam -

    Maybe I'm "cruisin' for a bruisin'" but the most extreme guitar damage I've seen or experienced was from guitars sitting in guitar stands. The most common accident I've seen someone catches the guitar cord on their ankle and the guitar falls forward and headstocks break.

    Me? ... I think a TELECASTER leaning on Princeton is relatively safe. If the stage is dark, crowded and sound people seem unaware, I'll lean my Tele on the backside of the amp.

    I do feel more concern when I bring out my Gibson 220, but I keep it in an almost closed case, plugged in, to the side of the amp.

    For a Tele, I do like the Talon stand for lightness and affordability, but again, I'm not so sure a solitary guitar stand is a safe place for a guitar.


    The holder you suggest seems made for leaning on the amp and it's duly noted. But I don't like how the guitar sits straight up. I like to keep my guitars low to the ground. That way, if they fall, they don't fall very far.
  • Yeah, it probably looked worse on the live stream than in person! The camera angle made it look like it was in danger.
    I'm not big on accessories (my main one is a string winder). I find most of them look interesting on a webpage but in practice are oftentimes gimmicky.
    Having said that, the Talon looks better than what I currently use (a cheap Fender one with no neck support).
  • For a long time I used a Fender stand that's very similar to the Shubb Talon that Jim posted. Recently I switched to this...
    It folds up small and seems to "grab" the guitar a little better than the Fender/Shubb. Also seems slightly more stable. On the downside, it holds the guitar more vertical than I would like.
  • Thanks, morroben, I'll check that one out. It looks pretty sturdy.

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