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Lesson tuning?
  • Hey there. New to the forum. Just downloaded the "Sleepwalking Concepts" lesson and am thrilled. However, when tuning up with the recording, I've noticed that I'm a half-step (?) sharp of Jim's open strings. Strange, especially when my tuner's telling me that I'm in tune. What gives? Anyone else have this problem?
  • Yes. I've noticed this with the Sleepwalk lesson. Another forum member brought this up recently with another lesson. Jim addresses it in the thread entitled, "Tuning for 'Understanding Progressions & Voice Leading' Lesson." Anyway, I found that the concepts in "Sleepwalk" are straight forward enough, and the charts are so good, that after you've heard it once, practicing it on your own is simple enough.
    Have fun.
  • A couple of the lessons are older (10 years!!! WOW! ) and were recorded analog, then transferred to digital. "Sleepwalk" is one of those older, "original" batch of lessons... I went back to listened to it, and I can actually hear a difference in my speaking voice, I have less of a California accent now, and I sound younger on that lesson then I do on let's say "Country Soul Guitar".

    I will always keep "Sleepwalk" on the lesson menu because I feel it was very special lesson during a specific time in my life... and honestly, I can't beat it now, in 2013. I'm a different player and I rarely play "Sleepwalk" now. When I recorded that lesson, I was playing "Sleepwalk" every single day obsessively... I was in LOVE with "Sleepwalk" then. I hear that in the instruction...

    All that said, I'm totally proud of my lessons, and many of you know, whenever there is a problem (replacing lessons on computer crashes the most frequent request), we are THERE.

    This is because I really appreciate you ordering the lessons ... and more then anything, I want YOU, to be happy and satisfied and playing the guitar.

    I don't want to overreact, because your post was more observational, then critical... but just in case kind sir, let the "Right Hand Man" know if you'd like a refund, whatever ... He's not called the "Right Hand Man" for nothing...

    and Happy New Year 2013 "silvermorning"!

    Thanks for your post -Jim
  • Wow! Thanks for the prompt reply. I did, in fact, notice the posting about tuning issues on "Understanding..." lesson...albiet after the fact. Anyway, I'm not looking for a refund, though it's very generous for you to offer one. I LOVE the lesson and have been obsessed with "Sleepwalk" for some time. I've only spent a couple of hours with the lesson and feel I've got my money's worth. I'll most definitely be purchasing additional lessons. Thanks, and happy new year to you as well.
  • PS- I did a quick search and found this free app (for the iPad) which can be used to correct the pitch for the older lessons like "Sleepwalk". I just simply located Jim's original mp3 on my iPad, bumped the pitch up half a step and, voila, perfectly in pitch/tune with standard tuning.

  • Funny. I went through a "Sleepwalk" obsession, too. I guess it's an easy song to love. So pretty. I think it's the F minor that kills me. Nowadays, I'm hung up on "Danny Boy," but I may soon move on to an instrumental arrangement of "Where the Boys Are." Who knows? The more I get into this onion, the more layers I find.
    Anyway, I didn't mean to be and hope I didn't sound critical, either. I only meant to steer silvermorning to your explanation, Jim. And you should be proud of these lessons. Just reading the crowd here in the forum, it's clear you and Right Hand are keeping a lot of good people excited about about a beautiful thing.
    Happy New Year.

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