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Second intent
  • Hi amigos!!

    One year ago I start with Jim´s Lessons. Reading this forum I know Jimmie Rivers and his incombustible "Brisbane Bop". Then I try "Backbay Shufle" Lesson. Unfortunately I was not able to play the solo, and I left the lesson. Then a lot of lesson comes (country soul, country lead, Twister, To far Gone, Freddie Gree, swinging with the cats, Stardust, Georgia, arpeggios, Pepper, Panhalde Rag, Monkie in a Movie....and many other).

    Last week I tried again "Back Bay Shuffle" (10 months before the first try)......and WOW!!!! Now the solo is not imposibble and I can play it (not at Jim or Jimmie speed....not yet).
    Conclussion: After one year o Jim lessons´s and a lot of practice , I am a better player and things that yesterdar were imposible today are possible. Thats make me very happy.
    Thanks Jim!!!

    Sorry for the Englis!! (thanks google traslator)
    Happy new year y saludos desde Chile
  • happy new year JIG!

    And for it's worth, I need to practice the hell out of that Back Bay solo to execute it properly....

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