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Tuning for "Understanding Progressions & Voice Leading" Lesson
  • I received "Understanding Progressions & Voice Leading" as a Christmas present and today I got started on it. As is usual with the lessons, Jim steps through the tuning. Today I stepped through and thought "whoa my guitar is out of tune". I pulled out my tuner, tuned up and tried again. Still out of tune with Jim's guitar. Just to confirm I let the lesson run out a bit and everything sounded off. I went back to a previous lesson and everything was fine.

    Is it just me or is Jim's guitar a bit off on this lesson? Did I miss something in the instructions where it isn't standard tuning? Not a complaint. For this lesson I'll tune to match how Jim's guitar is tuned. I am mostly curious if I am missing something.

    Btw.. I am loving all of Jim's lessons so far. I received 3 for Christmas this year. My wife and son both like getting them for me as birthday and Christmas presents. I've completed 8 lessons so far and my guitar playing and confidence has improved immensely. I am self-taught and have been playing for 30-ish years. Every one of Jim's lessons has several new elements to me, new chords, new voicing, new concepts. I can't recommend these lessons highly enough.

    Cheers all
  • Hi Warren-

    I checked it and seemed okay, maybe a tiny tiny tiny bit off, maybe my tuner was at 442 or something. All these confounded technological mediums, analog to digital to download, to iPad to home might make the tuning change a small increment...that's why I start each and every lesson with a quick tuning...

    I appreciate all the great things you wrote about and I sincerely appreciate that you purchased the lessons. Thank you...

    If its a hassle at all (and your good natured observation didnt seem discontented) we'll gladly get you another lesson free of charge.

    I want you to be inspired by my lessons and always know, we're here to insure you purchased sometthing based in care and pride....Despite the occasional New York police sirens that occur during instruction!!
    Happy new year and thanks for your post.
    All the best- Jim
  • Hi Jim,

    Thank you for the very generous offer but there is no need. As you correctly surmised I am by no means discontent with the lesson. It was mostly curiosity as I thought I may have missed some aspect of the lesson. All go back and check it. In the mean time I started up on another of the lessons "B Flat Jazz Blues Concepts" (also a Christmas gift).

    As for my other words I can only say that they are genuine. I've been an avid Campy fan since I encountered your Princeton video back in 2008. Since then I've been on a Campy journey. I've got every one of your CDs including the ones with the Willies. (In fact you may recall working out getting an autographed copy of "American Hips" to a woman in Canada a few years back. That was my wife and it was a Christmas gift to me that year.) I've read, listened or watched most every interview you've done that are available on the web. Before I found you my guitar playing had stagnated. Your playing has been like a breath of fresh air and has been very inspiring. Before I sound like a creepy stalker I'll add that my own music sounds nothing like yours (I do much more ambient stuff) but I apply the concepts I learn from your lessons to my own music.

    Everything points to a man who is thoughtful, genuine, and a class act all around. Your generous offer only reinforces that impression.

    All the best for 2013 Jim and everyone else on this forum,
  • Hi Warren - Wow.. I remember. I didn't put the both of you together! Anyway, thanks for the wonderful post and have a great 2013!
    See you here...

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