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Late '67 wiring
  • Seasons greetings, all!
    There is a fair chance I'm gonna come off like some narrow minded technical square, hell bent on nailing the "Jim Campilongo Tone" by posing nosy questions (based on this and my other thread). I don't think this has been completely adressed though, and I'm just naturally curious, so:
    Jim, does the "late 67 wiring" mean that you remove the tone cap from the circuit?
  • Happy holidays to you too ...

    "The wiring I prefer has no bells and whistles and allows the player to manually dial in treble (and volume). I don't know what other models and years employ and as I stated, the wiring I prefer is called "Late '67 TELE wiring". This leads me to believe that this Tele wiring combo started in "late 67" My belief is that this "Late '67 TELE wiring " is no longer "stock"... either way, check your wiring people. I think this "tone boost" feature is a real hindrance to personal tone choices and guitar control (in my humble opinion) To eliminate the "tone boost," one need only to clip the .01 capacitor that connects the first and second lug on the volume pot of a "standard" Tele."
  • and , no, I don't remove them, I prefer old "paper" tone caps.... there might be a picture of one around here somewhere ...
  • Thanks for buying the lesson Stefan, I'm proud of "Playing the Blues..." and it took many years to hone it down... As far as the paper caps, I think they sound a bit mellower, less "highs"...

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