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Yoshi's 12/23/12
  • A great show. But then, we expected that, right? My favorite of the night: "Pie Party". My wife asked me what genre that tune was, and I said "perky jazz". But the whole show was great. The piano work on "Prettiest Girl in New York" really brought home how much that tune reminds me of Vince Guaraldi.

    In any case, I hope Jim and band will be back next Christmas.

    Oh, yeah, and "Third Stone From The Sun": I see now why people rave about Jim's version of this. It was great! I was hoping for some Black Sabbath as an encore, but hey, can't have everything...
  • I sent one of my best friends from college who lives in Cali to the show and he gave great reviews.

    I'm jealous of y'all who went
  • Thank you Doug and Charlie! It was a great show for me too... I thought a few songs were the best we ever played them. Thank you...

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