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Mustang II's and III's any thoughts??
  • Hey all I am wondering about these amps. I have a Feneder Twin (too heavy), and a newer Fender Deluxe(too loud). I am downsizing... I am looking for something that can hold a tone at a lower volume.
    Any one use these Mustangs??
  • I had a mustang II for a while. I sold it because I didn't think it was very special. I prefer the super champ xd/x2 or the princeton.
  • Just get a Fender Blues Jr Tweed "NOS/Limited" (the brand new model has the name "hot rod" incorporated into it). I first learned of the amp actually at the Living Room where Jim plays, they have a house Blues Jr. there that sounds fantastic. but its small enough for playing at home, in fact that is all I use it for. i think its 15 watts.
  • On a side note on the real Vibro Champs, had one (Jan '65), it was sublime, but sold it... after selling it I saw here in Finland locally the top vintage gear store had one on sale for 1200 EUR! I sold mine for 650EUR, gladly to a great young jazz guy (who actually supported Jim once here). Anyway, my point being, inexpensive ain't what it used to be, at least here. :D
  • I have a Swart AST Pro that is sublime!
  • another very satisfied vibro champ player here

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