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I have a Guitar problem and need help !

  • I have a very beautiful Telecaster that just got a bubble and cracked under the emulation lacker finish , its big but the wood still looks fine beneath ... should I worry or just leave, I also have a Fender lead one that almost all the finish has come off but thats from years of playing.
    If anyone can help that would be great.

  • Hi Jeffery,
    It sounds like the problem is just cosmetic.....am I correct,... no crack in the wood? If its cosmetic, don't worry about it.......to me it just adds character. It's possible to match the lacquer and drop fill the blemish or you can take some water thin super glue and carefully drop a tiny amount into the crack to secure the edge of the finsh to the wood and keep it from growing larger. Finish repairs can be costly. They are seldom perfect and even an untrained eye can usually spot the repair right off the bat. If the guitar is still under warranty contact Fender or the shop where you bought it and have them refinish the guitar as the finish should not have bubbled in the first place. If I can be of any assistance call me at 707-446-0487.
  • Thanks a lot I am happy to hear that , no wood problem .. I am in China and theres not much I can do anyhow, so I am glad it wont hurt the guitar , it's one of the nicest guitars I've got and I payed a lot for it ... thanks J
  • Thanks kgharper for that , no wood problem .. I am glad because I am in China and there is not much I can do here and it's one of the nicest guitars I have and cost me a lot , so doing nothing is good for me ... it would be good to keep in contact add me to your facebook if you on , I am Jeffery Conn in Shanghai

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