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Play "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" @ Yoshi's?
  • Greetings Jim,

    To hear my favorite Mingus tune played LIVE by my favorite guitar player would be a peak experience indeed. Forget that Christmas sweater you were gonna buy me and please add this to your set if possible. Thank you. Woo hoo! 'Can't wait!

    ~ Mz DeVille
  • We won't be playing it that night- but I'm amazed you "knew". We rehearsed GPPH and I plan to bring it out in 2013. Thanks for everything Mz, looking forward to seeing you!
  • No worries. We'll save it for a special someday. How about play something you wrote?

    ~ Mz DeVille

    p.s. - Of course I "know"! I only look like a bimbo.
  • Campy AND Mingus! Can't wait!

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