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A really useful practice app (no affiliation with the company)
  • Hey,
    I have absolutely no affiliation with the developer or product...
    I've discovered a great practice app (iPhone/Android).
    I've found this really useful for practicing standards. The app comes with standard chord progressions etc and you can download user arrangements as well as Realbook arrangements via their forum.
    I've been working on Jim's Cry Me A River and Polkadots lessons (which are great). I've reached the point where I'd like to attempt to solo over the changes. The app lets you change the key signatures, tempos etc so I can tailor it to my needs.
    Has anyone else tried this out?
  • Hi Adam,

    Yes I use iRealb for practicing (jazz)standards. It's a very simple and effective app, and gives a decent backing track. I use it with Amplitube iRig on my iPhone (simple and portable rig), which let's you play a song in iRealb while running your guitarsound trough Amplitube. Very effective when the rest of the family is sleeping and I'm want to practice Backburner ;-)
  • Thanks Sander,
    Wow, it didn't even occur to me it would work with iRig. That's great news!
  • Thanks for posting this Adam! I am excited to give iRealb a try.
  • Let me know how it works out for you Rob. I'm amazed at all the interesting music apps out there.

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