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Hey YO...
  • We'll be there, at YOHOHOSHI's!
  • I'm going to try to make it up there for that show. Quite a drive from here but it's probably the closest chance I'll get. Any recommendations for a good (reasonably priced) hotel near Yoshi's?
  • The wife is taking me for my birthday! Front row. Woohoo!
  • Hey Ben, from Morro Bay (?) would be quite a drive. Sorry I don't know of any hotels adjacent to Yoshi's. Maybe someone else can help, google or call Yoshi's? There is a parking garage right at Yoshi's. The entrance is on Eddy St. (I think). You might (or not) want to drive about a half hour or so down the peninsula (sf airport area) where there is a variety of hotel choices. Good luck.
  • Jim, any plans to swing south to LA on your trip west?


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