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Country Soul Lesson
  • Hi amigos

    I am doing Country Soul Lesson, Inmediatly this lesson enter in my "Top 5 CampyLesson" chart. I like the way Jim explain the lesson and make theory comments that expand the musical possibilities. GREAT!

    Jim: One BIG Question about the lesson:
    How do you get that tone?....is country but in smooth...mmmm I can´t describe it....
    Compressor? bridge pickup or bridge+neck pickup? Princeton Reverb? or simply the tone is in your fingers........?

    Sorry for my English (getting worse day by day)

    Saludos desde Chile
    Juan Ignacio González (JIG)
  • Hi Juan, sorry to derail your thread, but I have also done this lesson and have a question of my own...
    Could people throw out some suggested listening for other artists in this style?

    Oh, and I like using my tele bridge pickup with the tone rolled back just a touch for a smooth country tone. This is going through my trusty old Princeton reverb :)
  • I played my Tele directly into a princeton.

    Other music like that? Maybe the Mavericks?

    I'm realy proud of "Country Soul"... thank you
  • Thanks Jim, it is a great lesson. I love that emotive country sound and it works so well infused swing too. Also a huge fan of Jimmy Bryant and I've just spent the past hour or so transcribing "Deep Water"... similar in feel to your country licks lesson. Awesome stuff. Thanks again!
    Xan :)

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