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Volume Pedal
  • I need opinions/advice. In playing and learning in the Campy style, where does the volume pedal fit in? I have read Jim talk about volume pedals and I have had them off and on my pedal board. I can see having a Wah pedal. But if my Princeton is cranked up to 7, 8, 10, and I am controlling the volume with my guitar volume, what does/can the volume pedal do for me?

    BTY, I have not figured out how to do respectable volume/tone swells yet. Any recommendation or Campy lesson for this?

  • I know Jim does use pedals but as far as I understand he usually just uses guitar and amp.
    If you want to know about volume and tone swells he talks about both in this interview.

    It's a long interview about many aspects of Jim and his music but it's very interesting.
  • Thanks AndyJ,

    I have watched the video but will go back to it and listen for what he says about the volume and tone swells. BTW, I found two Campy pod casts in Itunes that are pretty cool.

  • Nice one Telebilly, I will seek them out.


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