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"Twister" Help
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  • That's a tough one. Aside from "practice it", try playing 4,3,2,1-1 from string 1, descending on each string to string 6. You will probably be isolating the difficult part of the passage.
  • I'll give it a go. Thank you. I saw some pictures on the news of the Lower East Side, and things are looking pretty grim in some spots in New York City. I hope you folks are ok.
  • I had trouble with that one too. I found what really helped was to include the previous diagram in the run. It's the pickup so I found that it helped determine the down beat and once I did that, the run was way easier. Now, I can only do it if I include the pickup...
  • @AdamG - Thanks for chiming in. I do include the pickup when I isolate those licks. This is kind of unremarkable but worth mentioning anyway I think. When I passed by the music store yesterday, I decided to give those tiny jazz picks a try, and when I began practicing right away I noticed a difference. My speed improved all around, and I'm guessing it has to do with the drag from the bulkier picks, maybe. For those who haven't given them a try, I say go for it! I'm really astounded by what I thought was insignificant, is proving to make a difference. Thanks again.

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