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Travis Picking/Blackbird/Chet Song
  • Travis Picking - What a wonderful lesson! Its like, "Hello right hand/ring finger, glad you decided to join us! I can't wait to develop more in this style. I followed up with Blackbird. The picking pattern is a little different but Blackbird has always been one of the "1/2" songs I knew how to play. I could never nail it. When I was a a kid, this was the song you had to play on acoustic guitar to impress the girls. Well thanks to Jim's lesson, I can now play the song by correcting my right hand picking pattern and left hand fingering which was off on some of the chords.

    If you are looking for lessons, check this out, I am not that good at reading horizontal TAB, but I have been looking at vertical chord charts for years. I can understand the way Jim explains things on a vertical chord chart. I don't know if he discovered that, but it is way cool.

    Chet Song - This is my first"song" lesson other than Blackbird. This lesson blew me away. Its is worth the cost just to listen to Jim play. I had never played a major scale in thirds or attempted anything in a Chet Atkins style. This will keep me busy for a while, but I want something to followup with the Travis lesson. What do you think guys, maybe Mystery Train? I would also like to hear from anyone that has done the Sleepwalk lesson, one of my favorite songs. What is "Teen Scene" all about?

    I am bringing a new student on board real soon. He can play his chords in open position and he asked me if Jim's lessons would be to hard for him to comprehend. I told him that from what I have experienced, these lessons are very appropriate for any skill level.

    Thank you so much Jim for all you do!


  • Cool to hear about the Travis Picking lesson. Been thinking of getting that one. Just to tighten up my right hand. I've fingerpicked for a few years, but have never learned any "official" style of fingerpicking, so thought that lesson would help.

    I agree too that Jim's lessons for the most part would be great for anyone.
  • Hey Telebilly, glad to hear that you liked the Travis lesson. This is one of my all time faves! I have been using those travis patterns in my cover band to "spice up" my rhythm playing. For example, I'll throw in the travis patterns on the 2nd and 4th Verse to CCR's Have You Ever Seen the Rain instead of just going with the straight strumming. Then on our version of the Ronettes "Be My Baby" I'll play the Travis patterns throughout the entire chorus. It adds nice and unexpected rhythmic texture to the song. I have gotten more compliments on the fingerpicking stuff than any of my solos. Lol. I picked up the Travis lesson about a year and half ago and am still seeing new ways to apply it everytime I pick up the guitar. Before I picked up the lesson I had NO CLUE how to fingerpick.

    AaronW, I think that you would really like this one!

    Teen Scene --- Super FUN lesson. If you don't know the tune, you can find it on Youtube. Its a Chet Atkins song. Its a cool groove with some awesome sounding open string licks. Very simple yet catchy and fun to play. Jim gives you two versions of the song. The first version is like the 101 version and takes literally a few minutes to learn. The next version is the Chet Version which is relatively easy as well. I have to admit I haven't had time to work on the Chet version but have busting out the 101 version as my warm up tune. In my opinion its a great song for any level of player. Its easy enough that a "beginner" could pick it up without too much difficulty. And, any advanced player could pick it up in a snap and have a new tune that sounds kindo of tricky and impressive. I'd say its a great lesson to pick up if you are between lessons and looking for something quick and easy OR if you are working on a more intense lesson (Like Arpeggios etc) and want something to boost your confidence.
  • Hey Guys, what are good Travis 101 followup lessons?
  • Telebilly, I would recommend "Mystery Train" and then "Twister." I responded to your other post (A New Journey) in more detail. Let me know how it goes!
  • Sorry if this has been covered and I overlooked it, but does the Travis Picking lesson cover hybrid picking as well, or is it entirely fingerstyle?
  • Hey TonyW,

    It is a hybrid picking lesson. Very cool, very doable. I play with a pick and could use middle finger but Jim shows you how to get the ring finger going. It is a "101" style lesson, for the beginner or for someone who needs to improve their right hand action. Jim gives you some exercises that you could always refer back to in the future. And you get to songs out of it, a basic Travis style song and Julia!

    IMO, for me, this is the beginning Campy lesson for hybrid picking. Check out some of CJ's post about this lesson.


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