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monsters of azeri guitar : Elman Namazoglu
  • i've recently come across this great player from Azerbaijan (located in the Caucasus region,at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe). i have to admit i was mesmerized by this kind of approach in all it's microtonal glory. so , i thought this would be an ideal place to share this and hopefuly get some reaction from other fellow "occidental" guitarists!
  • Thanks for posting this. I really liked it.

  • @awp, i'm glad u enjoyed it! :)
  • fantastic! thank you!
  • i was rather intrigued by this "exotic" guitar on the youtube video i posted, so i did a little research, here's what came up http://cheesyguitars.com/guitars_jolana.html . it's actually a czech guitar appropriately named Jolana. in case someone's interested. :)
  • Wonderful!

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