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lesson recommendation
  • Feel like picking up a new lesson today but I can't decide which one. I've been playing in a little country duo for a while now and I've gone through the Country Lead in G and Steel Guitar Licks and Beyond lessons. I'm wondering what would be a good lesson to go to from here. I've been thinking about the Country Soul Guitar lesson or maybe even the Playing the Blues-Nailing the Changes lesson. I'm not much of a blues guy anymore but I figure nailing the changes would probably translate well to any style. Any thoughts on these lessons? Other suggestions are certainly welcome.
  • I might suggest "Playing the Blues-Nailing the Changes lesson". Or the Arpeggio lesson

  • Thanks Jim! I already have the arpeggio lesson so I'll go with Nailing the Changes. Crazy and Georgia are kind of tempting me, too.
  • Hi Morroben, "Nailing the Changes" is a really great lesson...regardless of what style of music you play. I think that you will find this one to be easy to digest and readily applicable for creating your own improvisational ideas. I have been heavily relying on concepts from this lesson quite a lot recently while jamming with my band. This is one of my favorite Campy lesons for the amount of mileagel that I have gotten out of it! Another one of my favorites is the Travis Picking lesson. The Travis lesson was my introduction to finger picking - a concept that always elduded me - until Jim broke it down into a few simple ideas and a series of excercises that are designed to develop speed and proficiency. If you are interested in finger picking, I couldn't give this one a higher recommendation.

    I have not yet checked out Crazy and Georgia..but both are on my wish list!
    In light of your country playing you may also want to check out "Panhandle Rag." Panhandle is loaded with great improvisational ideas that would be a nice follow up to country Lead as well as Steel Guitar Licks (both of which I am a big fan!). Panhandle is loaded with advanced steel guitar phrases as well as catchy blues/country based lead ideas all in the context of a really fun song.

    Best of luck and happy playing!

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