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Backburner Lesson?
  • Hi Jim,
    Curious if you have any future plans on possibly making this song a lesson? I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of demand for it. Thanks a ton.
  • Done!

    Look for "The Right Hand Man" to confirm it's availability online...

    Thank you for asking...
  • Great news! Any updates on when it'll be available for download?
  • Right Hand Man should have it up on Tuesday ... Thanks for asking. It was a tough one to transcribe.
  • I'm looking forward to this one too. Will it appear in the Lessons section of the website?
  • Excellent! I go for it....
  • Thank you! I'm listening to the lesson now. That first behind the nut bend is a doozy!
  • That's the "burning of the back" ha! ... Once you get that, the rest falls into place. We included a "bootleg" version that has the original B section that I hope you enjoy ...
  • I am loving this lesson so far! Of course I stayed up a few hours past my bedtime last night to play. There's never seams to be enough hours in the day (or night) when I get a new Campy lesson. Woke up early today to start on the B section. Trying to get the "stacatto" feeling down on B rhythm part was a little tricky and a whole bunch of new chord forms to incorporate as well. This lesson is already a good "bang for the buck." Can't wait to dig into the solo.

    How's it going for you Juan?!? I had a feeling you'd be going for this one as well! Best of luck my man and happy playing:)
  • I'm really enjoying it so far. When I first heard "Orange" I thought he employed a cocked wah effect or similar on some of the guitar parts. After hearing the lesson I realize "the sound" is all in the hands (O ye, of little faith). I'm having some trouble with it but I'm making strides. Good lesson.
  • Great to read this guys... I held off transcribing for a long time because of my concerns "Pee Wee..." wouldn't translate onto tablature...
    Anyway I hope you are having fun learning it!
  • Gonna be getting this soon, as it's been really tripping me out trying to learn it on my own :)
  • Well done CJG!!!
    I am still in A section..... I have the notes and the grips but I have problems with the sound (I cant get the "harmonic picky campilonistic sound" in the open strings notes).
    Great Lesson.
  • Hi Jig - When hitting harmonics, make sure you are in bridge position, strike the note with your finger ABOVE the metal fret and HIT (pick) it hard.

    Hope this helps and thanks for ordering the lesson.
  • So is everyone else still digging this lesson?!? I finally made it through to the end of the solo last night and couldn't be happier. There are still a few rough spots but its definitely coming along. I worked on this over the course of 4 or 5 nights in a row and just learned all the little chunks and then put them together for the first time last night. Something very logical about the "flow" of this solo. Its like a dozen mini-compositions that sound great together. Jim, you did a phenomenal job describing how to play each section. As always, the pacing of the lesson was great. This one was a joy to learn and not quite as difficult as it sounds...except for that darn behind the nut bend!
  • CJ - Backburner was a incredibly difficult transcribe and I'm delighted you found it user friendly... the one thing I DON"T want to do is send out a bad lesson that confuses and frustrates folks... and thanks for being such a source of information and kindness here on the forum. I can only speak for myself but I think everyone appreciates you.

  • @CJG - I totally get what you're saying about the "flow" of the solo. As for the technical aspects of the composition, all I can say it is a killer song! I'm not a musicologist, but I'm always engaged emotionally, and intellectually listening to this from beginning to end. For somebody who is mostly into the tradition of storytelling (with words), I can say that in itself is a big deal. For me, listening to instrumental guitar music can sometimes feel like taking a walk through a slushed drenched gutter. Jim's music always delivers. And he's right about your contributions being appreciated around these parts.

    @JimCampilongo - Thanks for pressing on through the frustration, and getting this lesson out. Also, thanks for being an artist, and not just a session guy. The avant-garde instrumental guitar market is a niche one, but your music is much loved, and makes a difference. Keep 'em records comin'!
  • Great post NerdDiamond. To expand on what you are saying regarding how this song "engages" the listener, I would say that Backburner is almost lyrical. The melody of the tune from beginning to end and particularly during the solo is very "singable." I find all of Jim's music to have that lyrical melodic quality - there's no jammin just for the sake of
  • (Con't from last post)
    ...for the sake of just playing fast and throwing in unrelated riffs. Instead, Jim crafts cleverly interlocking melodic ideas that often sound like they may have started as written lyrics that have been magically translated to the dialect of '59 Telecaster. I was never a huge fan of instrumental music until I found Jim. My tastes have always been about vocal melodies with great lyrical content. Jim bridges the gap, however, and shows us that the guitar is truly an extension of our inner voice. in my opinion,
    Backburn so wonderfully demonstrates all of above.
    NerdDiamond, thanks to you for asking Jim to transcribe this one!
  • 100% agreed with all of the above. Before this thread becomes any more of a "love-in" for Jim and his music, I'll just say he must be doing something right for me to get home from work after a 10 hour shift, start practicing around 1 hour before bedtime, cave in and play all night, and feel inspired enough to write about how I feel on this forum. Bad news is I have work in 2 hours. *sigh*. Thanks for the kind words, CJG.

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