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Princeton Solid State Rectifier ?
  • I have a 72 silverface Princeton Reverb that I need to take in and get re tubed. It was sounding good when I bought it recently but now is farting out the low notes. When I looked in the back I was surprised to see it has a Groove Tube Solid State rectifier (brown little thing) that plugs into the rectifier tube socket. I Don't know whether to get a tube put back in there or to keep it. The perks are more headroom I guess but supposedly I am missing out on Sag.

    I play it on 7 and like it just barely dirty.

    Can anyone help me with a suggestion ?

  • I'd keep that rectifier if you like it on the clean side... and "It was sounding good when I bought it "
  • I have a hand-wired, "boutique" Bassman, and I prefer the solid state rectifier - with the tube, the tone seemed overly compressed. I never noticed a lack of headroom, but I'm not really a loud guy. But yeah, your ears are the best judge.

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