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Tennessee Waltz Lesson
  • Hi,
    I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the Tennessee Waltz lesson that Jim provides? I was thinking of adding this song to my repertoire when I perform in restaurants, and as a street musician and wondered if anyone could tell me which arrangement its based on or which it comes closest too. I'm guessing it's Jim's own so it's no doubt going to sound awesome, but would still like a bit more info since I'm on the fence as to which lesson to go with next. Thanks for the help.
  • Hi Nerd - It's basically thirds and triads that sound lovely. I'd recommend it, especially if you want expand your repertoire with a internationally poplar song (written by Pee Wee King) ...

  • Freaky timing Jim! I was just browsing over your lessons again while giving Floyd Cramer's "Last Date" a listen on youtube, and JUST noticed Cramer's cover of Tennessee Waltz on the side. It just started playing when you posted here. Thanks for the reply.
  • It´s a fun lesson, I recommend it too. It´s fairly easy to learn too.
  • So I purchased the lesson. Picked it up right away, and I'm really liking what sounds to a laymen like myself as "steel guitar" voicings. I'd love to learn more about approaching the Tele with that steel guitar sound in mind. Thanks Jim.
  • Glad you're enjoying it!

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