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on Chet Atkins... how high do you guys rank him? What are the top albums?
  • Yesterday at the Campilongo workshop way out at the docks of Helsinki, I asked Jim about Chet Atkins. Why is like 10% of his record collection Chet Atkins.... Chet albums in three digits! It's not something that evidently would be heard in Jim's playing (besides some of course).

    I have and thoroughly enjoy a few Chet albums, but many to me are sort of elevator music. Jim mentioned "Chet picks on Beatles" as record everybody should check. I did now. Some good tunes, yes, and I already tried learning She's a woman yesterday, sounds simple (for a Chet tune that is) and fun (Jim played it at the workshop). But the album is not really my fave in all.

    Maybe it's music for learning the guitar, not for listening to. Jim at least listed things he had learned from Chet's records, and that the fact that Chet's clever arrangement are very guitar oriented is part of what made them good.

    So how high do you guys rank him? I do understand that he was a genius, but still I don't really listen to his music. Besides the few records.

    I have and love:
    Chet & Merle
    Chet & Doc Watson
    Jazz from the hills (which I think Jim mentioned not really liking)
    Chet & Tommy Emmanuel
    Chet & Knopfler

    ...the logic behind this being pretty much that Chet with anybody is magic. Les and Chet is good too, as is the collaborations with Jerry Reed. But I don't actually own those myself.
  • He ranks way high up I my book. Not only for his playing but how be brought guitar players of all styles together. On YouTube you can watch him play with Leo kottke, Lenny breau, George benson, Paul yandell etc etc etc.

    If I were you I would dl a compilation called classics on iTunes, I Remeber it being really cheap, like six bucks for thirty tracks. It's all his really early stuff. I dig Alice blue gown, mainstreet breakdown, jitterbug waltz, birth of the blues and black mountain rag. This material is the lens I view all his other stuff through and the stuff that really got me into him.

    Also his album w Lenny breau is a favorite of mine. Sweet Georgia brown is so good. I really stick to those two albums when I listen to Chet.
  • Thanks! I do have a 2 disc rca years collection (plus a zillion others online at spotify). but I think I only really one of the discs, and rarely listen to it anymore.

    I think the problem might the 2 disc collection. I should have bought the original albums on vinyl, with max 10 songs on them. Too,much choice, too many songs to listen to.
  • UPDATE: This morning my upload worked! Must be the stars.

    His music is part of the great American 20th-century sound. I own "Chet Atkins Les Paul Together!" (a gem - their banter is a real trip), and my parents had his records way back in the day. But few seem to know him as a producer. Here's a link to some of Chet's finest work, for sure:

    p.s. - " ... way out at the docks of Helsinki ..." (Wow. There's a song in there somewhere.)
  • Hey! My movie ^ ^ ^ didn't load so I axed the link! You would have loved it. It featured a great American 20th-century sex kitten. Adobe or Google Chrome or some crap is toying with me and I'm too annoyed to deal with it now. Cretins! (Apologies if any of you forum-ers work for them.) If I can summon the fortitude I'll wrestle with it later. Oh yeah, there was a great Chet Atkins special on TV (PBS?) from the '80s or '90s that featured Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris and a whole slew of great musicians. And The Everly Brothers! It's all coming back to me. I've got to find that thing.

    My favorite place to be a clod: on Jim's forum. Duh-oh!

    ~ Mz DeVille : > [

    p.s. - Hi Jim. We miss you!
  • Thanks for replies!

    Whatabout another question:
    Any suggestion on fun and easy tunes from Chet's repertoire?

    I think I've got the She's a woman now. It look simple when Jim played it, so I took to learn in it. It may not be 100% perfect (I did find a tab for it but it was not accurate so I trashed it), but close enough for me.

    Windy & warm is the eternal fave, I guess. I think Trambone might be the next one I'll try.
  • Weelie - Elegant Chet: The Art of Chet Atkins, in particular Lullaby of the Leaves...a great tune to shed.

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