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GUITAR CLINIC: Jim Campilongo in New York city
    8PM TO 9:30
    Advance $15/Day of Show $20
    158 Bleecker Street New York, NY 10012
    (212) 505-3474
  • I'm sorry, did you mean to say....Portland, Oregon? I thought so. ;)
  • I'm a newcomer to JC's music having only recently discovered him while shopping for amps and finding the PR video- needless to say I can't tell you how nice it is to get excited about a new player i hadn't heard prior....a similar excitement to the first time I heard Hendrix at 14, live at Fillmore east at 16, Derek trucks at 19 etc...Didn't think I'd still make such discoveries at 33!

    Anyway had a chance to attend this clinic and I can only second what is often said in these forums which is that jim was as personable and his teaching was as thoughtful as his playing was nuanced and dynamic. Some amazing examples with the boomerang before closing with his duet with Leah Siegel (stones' "no expectations" from Orange) which was just fantastic live. It was a great venue, well organized and they should have Jim back for more as it seamed to be a real success.

    Iin three months I've taken down several of his albums, a used highway 1 tele, my first lesson and am keeping an eye out for a good vintage PR. Thanks Jim for reintroducing me to an excitement for the guitar that I haven't felt for too many years.
  • Does anyone know if this clinic was recorded, either audio or video, and if it will be made available at some point for those of us that couldn't make it, or live too far away?


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