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The Campy Forum

Be polite and respectful. Don't sell stuff. No envy, no fear, no meanness.
DIRECTIONS FOR SIGNUP: Picking a username
  • Here are the guidelines for signing up to the Campy Forum:

    Your username must have no spaces.

    It must contain only letters and numbers.


    will work: ReadySetGo3

    will NOT work: Ready Set Go 3

    Try to mention something about Telecasters, or music, so we know you are a human!
  • It is possible to change my username after signing up?
  • hmmmm... I'll check out. Back in a sec ...
  • Nevermind--I wanted to change it to Thom, and it looks like you have magically already done that.
  • Hi - I can't see any embedded videos or photos on the forum. Am i doing something wrong / stupid (probably)...? I'm using a Mac and an iPhone and all i can see is the text. Any advice or guidance anyone can give me?


  • Jonathan - I'm sorry, this forum program either needs an overhaul or needs to be replaced.
  • Ah ok. It’s still a great treasure trove...!

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