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New Member and a couple new records
  • Hey all, I just got accepted to join the discussion page here on Jim's site and wanted to say hello. I picked up Jim's latest album as well as H.R. is a Dirty Guitar Player. Listening to Orange from side B now and this is just a stellar record. Great job Jim.
    JC and HR.jpg 421K
  • Hi Ryan - Thanks for your post and welcome! The forum has been buggy (double posts, no attachments etc) and accept my apologies for the shortcomings. In any event- nice to meet you! -Jim
  • Hi Ryan,
    Welcome aboard. If you’re a guitar player I’d recommend checking out some of Jim’s lessons. I’ve benefited from them a great deal and they’re a lot of fun too.
    He also has a cool Patreon site.
    Best wishes,

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