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Fretboard Journal Podcast #277 Jim Campilongo
  • Listening now! I have enjoyed all the podcasts you've done, Jim. I think you are a great, entertaining, story teller.. the podcast format really seems to suit you. Not boring at all, and you seem to really let us know "who you are" in your stories... very personable.
  • I agree! Your story-telling is like your playing: Entertaining, fun, informed, emotional and unabashed:)
  • I was very excited to see this when I looked at my podcast feed this morning. I really like the Fretboard Journal and an episode of the podcast with Jim makes it even better.
  • Thank you for your comments and for listening. I enjoyed talking to Jason!
  • I am sure you have been told this before but you have a very personable, self-deprecating yet informative conversational style. I loved the line about “the few people who have woken up with me”. Remember it’s quality not quantity...! Bravo from England! (and please come over to play soon...).
  • Don't worry about the double posts -the forum program has been in the toilet for about a year - but it hasn't stopped us yet! It's supposedly going to be fixed... last week.

    Glad you enjoyed the podcast-Your comment was nice to read. It's always embarrassing hearing yourself and your comment is appreciated.

    Have a great day - Jim

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