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Jimi Hendrix and Floyd Cramer?
  • Maybe it's just me...but as I'm learning to play the Hendrix' solo in "Wind Cries Mary" and also started to learn Jim's "Last Date" lesson...I hear a distinct similarity between these two pieces. I only bring this up because I believe it would be totally like Jimi Hendrix to be influenced by that great Floyd Cramer piano instrumental...and also this may be one of the few forums where I might escape ridicule for suggesting the comparison:)
  • I think it might be a more guitar influence like Curtis Mayfield, but I have no evidence to support that. But the similarities you mention are thought provoking.
  • Definitely the Curtis Mayfield guitar influence...but I hear the same notes and melody in the head of "Last Date" as I do in the first measure of Hendrix solo on "Wind Cries Mary." In my imagination I visualize Hendrix, during his "Jimmy James" bar-band days possibly having to play the "Last Date" every now & then for a white crowd. I've heard that it was a bar-band staple back then..I remember that tune on the Top 40...big country cross-over hit!...maybe that riffage & melody was just floating around in his head:)

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