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WOW! Jim's guitars!!
  • Jim's YouTube tour of his guitars was great. I love this sort of thing! I also love Jim's attitude. I recently watched a YouTube video with Mark Agnesi (you know, the authentic guy) going through the collection of Dave Amato, in which there were countless guitars packed away in countless cases in a warehouse that this Amato guy admits he literally hadn't seen in decades and only bought (undoubtedly for a king's ransom) because he just HAD to have it. I found it kind of sad. I admit to having a houseful of guitars, something like 28, but NOTHING expensive, and they all get played, albeit, in a mediocre fashion. Jim loves and values the guitars he owns and they suffice for him and he's JIM CAMPILONGO, for God's sake. Thanks, Jim. This was so enjoyable and will definitely be checked as a favorite YouTube video.
  • You post was so gracious -I really appreciate it. Thank you
  • for interested ...

  • Jim has my vote for an album playing the Strat and wiggle stick exclusively! #notkidding
  • Jim, what gauge are the flatwounds on your white signature Tele? Your tone in the video clip has a lot more "snap" than I usually associate with flatwounds.

  • I put D'Addario EXL120 strings on my Tele, D'Addario EXL110 strings on the Gibson 225, and one Campilongo Signature has D'Addario ECG524 Chrome Flat Wounds, which give it an amazingly smooth tone and feel. On my 1958 Martin 0015 I use D'Addario EJ13 80/20 Bronze Lights.
  • Checking out different kinds of strings can be a cheap thrill! I have used theD'Addario Chromes flatwounds on my tele at times and really like the D'Addario Half Rounds (EHR370). They really change the sound and feel and can open up some new sonic possibilities. The best thing is that you can always go back to what you're used to if things get too crazy.

    I play a lot, solo singer/songwriter and in two different groups. I don't have a lot of different guitars but I also don't really like the sound of brand new strings (and am basically a cheapskate) so don't change strings that often. Usually I choose to use what will be most conducive to whatever playing I expect to be doing in the near term when re-stringing.
  • That’s a wonderful video. No need to apologize for having the collection you have. It doesn’t come off as bragging to me. You’re a working musician. If you were a carpenter I’d expect you’d have more than one hammer.

    Thank you Jim. I was particularly thrilled to watch you play the Strat.

  • Hi Warren - Glad you enjoyed the video - thanks for watching - Jim

  • I haven't seen many 225's.... seems to be something special about that one... it's got that great woody/hollow sound, but it's thin so it's more comfortable to play than the full-depth ones.
  • Yes- the 225 is great.
  • Nice video Jim !
  • Nice video Jim !

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