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The return of "Silent Night" chord melody
  • A youtube link to "Silent Night" chord melody I recently posted to Patreon subscribers. I've attached the tab below. Hopefully it will be a successful download- though this feature has been inconsistent here on the campy forum. That said, I've tried my best!
    Happy holidays and thanks for being a part of this forum! - Jim

    Silent Night pg1 .jpg 90K
    Silent Night pg2 .jpg 81K
  • Great stuff, thank you for the lesson!
  • Thanks so much for posting a video of this, Jim. I've been using your audio version for a few years and look forward to dusting it off every Christmas. Such a beautiful arrangement that even my wife takes notice. :)
  • Thanks for the reminder of this great arrangement. I need to give it another go this season.

  • Little late to the Christmas Party but I'd figure I'd post this in case someone finds this thread next season. This is an easy chord melody I did for Silent Night in the key of G using mostly cowboy chords. There is a link to PDF file in the YT description.

  • Thank you - glad it worked out ...

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