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Ken Burn's History of Country Music on PBS.
  • If you're not able to see The Trio at Rockwood tonight...the next best way to spend your time is watching this. The is Ken Burns & co. doing their usual outstanding documentary thing w/ County music. If you're into guitars and music....

    Check your local listings: 8pm EST, 7PM CST on PBS. This is an (8) part series that is also available for streaming or purchase. There's no fund drive going on either (even though public television is deserving!).. so it's free of interruption

    Most of you are likely all over this anyway...but just in case, (based on last night's episode) you really, really do not want to miss this:)

    Did you know that the banjo came from Africa?
  • I'm recording it to watch later. If it's anything like his JAZZ series, it will be excellent!
  • Thanks for the post and the heads up Danny!

    I saw some of it at Lincoln Center with Ken Burns hosting. Emmylou and Marty Stuart performed with video presented in-between performances. I had mixed feelings about the event but I'm sure there's a lot to learn in the series.

    Please don't repeat "it's about the stories" 10 times plus. Sure, country lyrics can be great- but the music is profoundly deep too. At some point, repeating "it's about the stories" minimizes the musicality. Personally, I don't think "it's about the stories" when I listen to Hank Garland, Chet Atkins, Jimmy Bryant, Lloyd Green, Buddy Emmons, Buddy Charleton, Leon Rhodes, Billy Byrd, Jerry Reed ...

    My friend Doug Wamble tore it up and Emmy and Marty were other-worldly.

  • You're welcome and I'm glad you brought up the "it's about stories" thing: I (and likely many of us here) have to work hard on being objective and try to remember that there are many people...("civilians" I guess) that might not believe that the guitar was the primary tool in the country music toolbox! (Sadly, they're wrong..but that's their problem!) However, there are few notable historical revelations (at least to me) in this series and I won't spoil it by sharing them...but...yeah, I'm not seeing enough about the Telecaster's role (for example) in country music and names like Leo Fender and Paul Bigsby aren't being mentioned enough either. Player-wise, they did have a good section on Chet Atkins when he was with The Carters (episode 4.) But, who cares about the lyrics when there's a guitar solo by one of the giants of electric country guitar coming up on a record?

    Like I said..."civilians"

    I don't want to complain too much because the photos and footage used in this are, so far.. .stunning! And the episode on Hank Williams was truly heart-breaking. It's available for binge-watching on most PBS station websites too.

    Thank you for the tip on Doug Wamble...I'm not familiar with his stuff...I'll seek him out!
  • Good point Danny and again, I'm full of opinion but I only saw a 90 minute live presentation.
    It's not just about the guitar solos - it's about the rhythmic restraint and depth Country rhythm sections and accompanist's deliver. When I listen to the Buckaroos or Red Simpson I could only wish to play a pocket like they can. It's not a high brow, non- civilian observation, it's a reason to love the music for the same reason people might love Reggae or James Brown. I'll watch the series and come back here. Maybe I'll love it.
  • You're sure to love the 50s-60s stuff...the best stage clothes! And I wasn't very familiar with The Maddox Brothers & Rose until this...they were rockers! And I think Don Rich had the coolest job in the world. I'm sure he was grinning all the time because his band was so damn good:) Fair Warning: I think the whole thing is around 12+ hours.
  • "Music has a musical meaning which has nothing to do with any stories or pictures…whatever music means, it’s not the story" – Leonard Bernstein

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