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The Stand-Up Bass Factor.
  • When I listen to "Pepper" from the album "Heaven is Creepy," I'm always drawn in by the bass lines. But it's the specific sound of the the stand-up bass that makes this tune really work for me. And I love and always look forward to the bass solo on "Mr & Mrs. Mouse." In the past, bass solos were always like tv commercials to me: Something you sit through until your show comes back on. I know it's the late Tim Luntzel on this album (and on "American Hips") ...and due to his artistry, I now seek out stand-up bass players...and this brings up a bass question on the TRIO format: If you had the choice..(and I assume that hauling a huge double-bass on the train from Brooklyn to Manhattan isn't practical or even possible for your bassists).. what do you prefer?.. bass-guitar or stand-up acoustic in your TRIO? ( I certainly don't mean to diminish the work of Chris Morrissey and Tony Scherr...whom I consider genius-level musicians that can make their electric basses sound like stand-up basses anyway!)

    I'm looking forward to seeing the TRIO in Chicago on 9/5 at The Hungry Brain....especially since I see that drummer Kenney Wollesen is doing the gig. That cymbal-retrieval move by Kenney from the live Rockwood video-clip I saw posted on your Patreon page was one of the coolest things I've ever seen...very NYC!!
  • I like both! And both instruments have their strengths. In the perfect world Chris would bring both and I'd bring two amps and two guitars, but it's not logistically reasonable for a weekly gig. On the upcoming "Best of Jim Campilongo Volume One" on Sundazed there is an acoustic bass track -"Coal" that's previously unreleased along with "In a Sentimental Mood"... Thanks for the post and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday! - Jim

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