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Bill Doggett
  • While perusing Jim's influences on his Gear page I noticed the name of Bill Doggett. I wasn't familiar with Mr. Doggett but remembered his name from a YouTube video that I recalled. What stuck in my mind was the guitar that Mr.Doggett's guitar player, Benny Goodwin, was using. It was the same model that was in the front window of Reliable Loan, the local downtown pawn shop, which I stood in front of in my high school days in the mid to late Sixties, drooling over and wondering how I could come up with the $49.00 (or whatever similar amount) that it cost- the fabulous Domino Californian. The pawnbroker was a stereotype if there ever was one, bald with thick black framed hornrims, a white shirt with the sleeves rolled to the elbows, a skinny black tie and a constant stogie jammed in the corner of his mouth.Would never give me a deal.

  • nice! thank you

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