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Campilongo connection with JJ Cale?
  • I've read in a few places Jim played with JJ Cale. As a great fan of both, I wonder when and how that happened?
  • It's a stretch to give me in the BIO legitimacy .... I opened for him and he asked me to sit in with his band. We played a few songs. Like I said, it's a stretch.

    That said, I also opened for him 3 consecutive nights before that time- in the Steve Yerkey band. It was amazing how understated J.J. was. One night, was boring as watching a test pattern, the other two nights were amazing. He never forced anything to "happen". I learned a lot...
  • Thanks! :)

    When a friend of mine told him I flew from Finland to Oregon for a week (in 2009) to see his last tour, he pretty much thought I was a mad man doing that for a gig of his (actually 4 gigs). Gladly, never had to trek that far to see and hear the Campy magic! I'll be seeing you again in September in Helsinki! It would of course be great to visit NYC to see what you might be playing on your regular gigs, eager to hear you play something completely different, outside a regular traveling set list.

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