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Black Mirror
  • Jim,

    I think I read that you watched the "Black Mirror" series. If you ever have time...catch season 5 (only three episodes)...and especially check out episode #3...it's about musical creativity and writing....but you know where this show can go! I started to watch this one while practicing the scales from your "Formatting" lesson like a diligent student...but I had to stop playing!

  • Danny- Honestly, I was disappointed by Season 5 (I couldn't buy the doll in "Rachel, Jack and Ashley") and the entire five seasons were kind of hit or miss to me. But when an episode is a "hit", Black Mirror is excellent, and totally my cup of tea.
    In my humble opinion, “Hated in the Nation”, “White Christmas”, “Be Right Back” and “Shut Up and Dance” were probably my favorite episodes.
    I enjoy how "Black Mirror" nudges us into the near future, where current technology is exaggerated into something nightmarish.
    Thanks for the post and thank you for ordering the lesson.
    Have a great day - Jim
  • Jim,

    Yeah..that doll in "Rachel" was stupid...but the familiar cliche of the "evil/corrupt mgr. of the pop star" and how far would they go to keep things going product/image-wise drew me in. And yes...when "Black Mirror" is "on" it's incredible...such superior story lines and writing in general. And....I'm so glad you mentioned your favorite episodes because upon review...I realized I had inadvertently missed watching the "White Christmas" episode...thanks for the reminder! And your "Formatting" lesson is probably the least fun (at first) lesson I've purchased...but after a few months the most useful, valuable and rewarding one..so far!

    I believe we may already be peering into the abyss of a techno-nightmare: I cannot get comfortable with the show that's being promoted here in Milwaukee right now: "Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison!" "Live" holographic images of them performing with a live band...jeez! Maybe I could try to get a gig in the live band for those dead-guy, ghost shows... but I'd really have to consider the creepy-factor with that gig!

    Have a great summer day in beautiful Brooklyn!

  • Danny- I’m glad the lesson grew on you. Thanks for your post and have a great day! -Jim
  • I know I’m not the sharpest tool in the box, but my girl and I watched the first episode of this and it made no damned sense to me.
  • Ha!
    I usually suggest “Hated in the Nation” as a Black Mirror primer episode. If one doesn't like “Hated in the Nation”, they won't like Black Mirror.

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