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Luca Benedetti's "We'll Get There"
  • I just previewed his whole discography, and all 3 are great!!! Just purchased!!!

    It's funny, I have previewed MANY artists over the years, to see if maybe I want to buy their work, and many never get past the "preview" stage for me... but sometimes, you find an artist who's work speaks to you IMMEDIATELY. For me, Jim was one of those artists. And after previewing Luca's stuff, he is as well.

    Very much looking forward to listening to Luca!!
  • Thank you so much for the high praise ruger9 and to geetarLAXjunkie for bringing up my album. Happy to contribute to the discussion here in anyway, geek out on gear, etc


  • p.s. bandcamp has the CD's and downloads but as of today it's also now available to stream on all the usual suspects, spotify, itunes, google, amazon, etc

    Cheers - L
  • Absolutely LOVE "We'll Get There"- the SONG as well as the album.

    My download of the Trio album isn't playing properly for some reason... I'll have to look into that. I haven't listened to Ta-Da yet, that's on today's menu.
  • Hey Luca,
    I’m really digging “We’ll Get There”; it’s been in constant rotation since it came out here in the Avery household. Also looking forward to the new duet album with Jim.
    Best wishes,
    Mark Avery
  • Edited
  • Thank so much Mark! Glad you dig it and all the best to you too, Luca

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