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Luca Benedetti's "We'll Get There"
  • I just previewed his whole discography, and all 3 are great!!! Just purchased!!!

    It's funny, I have previewed MANY artists over the years, to see if maybe I want to buy their work, and many never get past the "preview" stage for me... but sometimes, you find an artist who's work speaks to you IMMEDIATELY. For me, Jim was one of those artists. And after previewing Luca's stuff, he is as well.

    Very much looking forward to listening to Luca!!
  • Thank you so much for the high praise ruger9 and to geetarLAXjunkie for bringing up my album. Happy to contribute to the discussion here in anyway, geek out on gear, etc


  • p.s. bandcamp has the CD's and downloads but as of today it's also now available to stream on all the usual suspects, spotify, itunes, google, amazon, etc

    Cheers - L
  • Absolutely LOVE "We'll Get There"- the SONG as well as the album.

    My download of the Trio album isn't playing properly for some reason... I'll have to look into that. I haven't listened to Ta-Da yet, that's on today's menu.
  • Hey Luca,
    I’m really digging “We’ll Get There”; it’s been in constant rotation since it came out here in the Avery household. Also looking forward to the new duet album with Jim.
    Best wishes,
    Mark Avery
  • Edited
  • Thank so much Mark! Glad you dig it and all the best to you too, Luca
  • Just FYI: for whatever reason, one of Luca's albums, "Luca Benedetti Trio" does not function properly on my ipod... it works fine in itunes, but not on the ipod. It has to be something with the download, as I've never experienced this before (and his other 2 albums function perfectly.) I've contacted Bandcamp about the issue, but never received a reply...

    I love the other 2 tho! If "Trio" is available for download somewhere else (like itunes), I will buy it again.
  • Hi Ruger9. I'm going to PM you so that I can send you a link with the Trio download. We'll get this sorted out. Also, excuse my late reply. I have my prefs on this forum set to notify me of all activity but it doesn't seem to work. So I just check back periodically.

    If anyone else here experiences the same issues with one of my albums, please contact me through my website www.lucabenedetti.com

    Cheers - Luca
  • Hey, thanks Luca! I'll look for the PM.

    Bandcamp did get back to me, and said "we think it's a problem on YOUR side", but I don't see how that is possible... the other 2 albums play perfectly. The Trio album is the only one that doesn't, and it's also the only one I have a problem with amongst HUNDREDS of albums on my ipod, so I don't see how it can be a problem on my end, LOL.
  • Thermionics is one of my favorite guitar instrumental albums! So excited to see Luca has a new album out.
  • Luca,

    I keep circling back to "We'll Get There." It's excellent, top to bottom.

    I'm no audiophile, but in addition to the notes played, I'd like to applaud the recording. Your guitar's dynamics are captured perfectly, as if it breathes. Tony Mason's ride symbol "sizzles" throughout in a way I haven't heard captured before. And Scherr, well, he's just a thumpin' icon (I'm a HUGE Frisell fan). The recording itself reminds me of Zane Carney's 2014 release "Amalgam" - a Roy Buchanan meets Joe Pass record, that I can't recommend enough. I can hear the smoke in the room, metaphorically, on both records.

    (Que "What Year is That Guitar")

    You offered to discuss gear, so I'd like to take you up on your offer. Are you playing your Tele or the SG shown on the album cover? Amps? Pedals? Geek out, sir.
  • Hey geetarLAXjunkie - thanks so much for your your thoughtful review and sorry for the late reply. Despite every effort, I just can't seem to get this website to alert me of new posts.

    I wasn't aware of Zane and am enjoying "Amalgam" as I write this - fantastic record indeed.

    Sonically, I certainly appreciate you picking up on that aspect of the record. Of course Michael Coleman @ Figure 8 Studios did a great job of capturing the sounds and Aaron Nevezie @ The Bunker of mixing it.

    As far as gear goes...

    1962 Brown Deluxe
    MJT Partcaster - my main Tele with a Musikraft 1953 Blackguard neck, Glendale Hardware and Amalfitano "Boutique Tele Set"
    1957 Duo Sonic

    Reverb was pretty much all added after. I had a bit of Boss DM-2W Delay on spacey tunes like We'll Get There and at some point I used the Klon they had in the studio just cause I'd never played a real one...sounded so good. Some of the warbly vibrato sounds are from Magnavibe pedal which emulates the old Magnatone amps that Lonnie Mack used. Lastly some post-production slapback added courtesy of a Roland Space Echo at The Bunker.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. I'll try to check back here more regularly. Or I can be contacted thru my website. I would post my email here but I fear the bots!



  • Thanks, Luca!

    I'm still spinning "We'll Get There" regularly.

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