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Muddy Waters
  • Just read Jim's Guitar Player article on the '70s Chess Blues Masters Series Muddy Waters double album. I also had it and loved it (I may still have it as all my LPs are packed away in the crawlspace of my house and I haven't looked through them in years and years). It was quite a delight to come across Jim's article. I still recall introducing my late bass player friend to that album in the late '70s and his joy at coming across this music. "I'm Ready" became his theme song. My introduction to Muddy Waters was "Electric Mud", an album that Muddy later referred to as "dog shit", and, even though it's a bastardization of Muddy's sound, it still remains a sentimental favorite. Thanks for the article, Jim.
  • Hi Johntrem - You are very welcome and thanks for reading my article. I enjoyed your post... I've wanted an original "Electric Mud" LP for years (not longingly) but it's quite pricey. I like the blues crossover records- "Black Gladiator" by Bo Diddley amongst my favorites. "Electric Mud" has Pete Cosey on guitar who went on to shred with Miles Davis.
    Have a great day - Jim
  • My original copy of "Electric Mud" and Muddy's follow up album "After The Rain" met it's unfortunate end in 1970 when I left it (and a load of other albums) at my good friend's house whose mother was, for want of a better term, a religious fanatic , who decided that it was her responsibility to save her son from demonic rock music and burned every record album in his room, mine included. In the intervening years I search used record shops for decades to no avail trying to replace it. It wasn't until the advent of CDs that I got another copy of the album. The original gatefold cover of "Electric Mud" opened to reveal a full length portrait of Muddy dressed in a robe and holding a Guild S-200 Thunderbird electric, which seemed to fit the sound of the album exactly. There was also a poster which showed a series of photographs of Muddy visiting his local hairstylist in order to get his hair "processed". My pals and I found it delightful.
  • that's a great story- thank you

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