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Backline Amps: '65 PRRI vs. '68 PRRI
  • Jim,

    Which do you prefer, a '65 or '68 PRRI for backline, and why?
  • to my ears, '65 has a little more clean headroom
  • Thanks, Jim!

    I had a feeling you'd say that, in part because of a gig you played at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles years ago (I'm guessing it was 2013 or 2014, but my memory is nowhere good enough to be 100% certain). You lead a trio with Josh on drums and Hagar Ben Ari sitting in on bass, and mid-way through the set, the '68 PRRI crapped out (I've always assumed the speaker blew, but then again, I'm not 100% certain). Years later, I brought it up at your gig at Skinny Dennis while I was visiting NYC, and you turned bright red with embarrassment. We shared a laugh, and I (at least tried to) assure you that the prior gig in LA was OUTSTANDING nonetheless.

  • Thank you - Ha! I think I blew the amp out mid-song and walked over to the backline, plugged in, and kept playing.

    I request (if that's an option) a 90's Deluxe Reverb. Those are robust and loud, and they sound pretty good too. Sometimes, the Princeton Reissue backline, will need some kind of work due to overuse, tubes are shot etc, and there isn't enough headroom. I think that Princeton blew a tube... Even if a 90's Deluxe Reverb is sickly, they are loud.
  • Thanks, Jim.

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